Modern Language - Comprehensive Option

Choose the path that meets your professional goals

In this comprehensive degree program, you will focus on a track option that meets your educational goals.  Choose from the following track options:

  • Second language
  • Translation
  • Applied business
  • Teacher certification

Program requirements

Modern Language (comprehensive)

Bachelor of Science

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science1 in Modern Language complete 33 hours of coursework in a single modern language and an option relating to that language. This flexible structure enables students to achieve advanced proficiency in at least one modern language, to understand the cultural factors that affect how members of other language communities view the world and express themselves, to analyze and interpret target-language texts and other cultural products, and to apply those skills and insights in a variety of professional and academic settings.

  1. General Education Program and Requirements
  2. Major Requirements (61-76 hours)
    1. Modern Language Core (39 hours):
      1. MCL 200(3) or IDS 297(3)
      2. Complete 33 hours in coursework beyond the 102 level in a single modern language, as approved by an advisor (language courses at the 101 or 102 level may not be counted toward this major)2
      3. Modern Language Capstone: MCL 495(3)
    2. Complete one of the following options:
      1. Second Language (24 hours): Complete 24 hours in a second modern language or complete 12 hours beyond the 102 level in a second modern language and 12 hours in coursework related to that language or language family, as approved by an advisor
      2. Translation (22 hours): MCL 310(3); ENG 296(3); ENG 321(3); COM 360(3); BUS 397(3); CHI 410(3) and 415(3), or FRN 410(3) and 415(3), or GRM 410(3) and 415(3), or SPN 410(3) and 415(3); MCL 410(1)
      3. Applied Business (24 hours): BUS 135(3) and MGT 340(3); CHI 410(3) and 415(3), or FRN 410(3) and 415(3), or GRM 410(3) and 415(3), or SPN 410(3) and 415(3); and 12 hours of coursework related to a single business focus, industry, or profession, subject to approval from the Office of the Dean of the College of Business3
      4. Teacher Certification (38 hours): Complete the Professional Education Courses and Competencies, including the Teaching Methods (MCL 413) and Supervised Teaching (MCL 493 and 496) courses, and all other applicable certification requirements. Refer to the Teacher Education Program section of catalog.
  3. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements


1 Students who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in a language should review the catalog section on individualized majors. This option may be more attractive for students considering graduate studies or whose goals are better served by a Bachelor of Arts degree. Students should contact the Academic Assistance Office for detailed information and procedures early in their junior year.

2 If a student pursues a minor in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages it must be in a different language than the major.

3 Prerequisites may apply. Students may not apply more than 24 credit hours of College of Business coursework toward this option.