Middle Eastern Studies Minor

Why minor in Middle Eastern studies?

  • With guidance from your advisor, you’ll tailor your curriculum to include courses in political science, history, archaeology and languages.
  • You’ll enjoy study abroad opportunities to historic locations such as Jordan, Turkey and Morocco.
  • Knowledge of the Middle East will prepare you for careers in homeland security, government relations, nonprofits, multi-national corporations and private risk analysis.

Middle Eastern Studies

Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Music Education
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Education (non-certifiable)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Social Work

Administration of the program

The Middle Eastern Studies Program provides a minor course of study allowing students to concentrate their efforts in the study of the peoples, cultures, history, geography, languages, and religions of the past and present Middle East and North Africa (the MENA Region). With the increased emphasis being placed on International Studies, world markets, and diversity awareness, students will be better prepared for careers in international business, public service, human resources, and graduate studies in history, political science, public administration, and religious studies.

Courses not listed here (such as special topics courses related to the Middle East and North Africa) can be approved by the faculty of the Middle Eastern Studies Committee for inclusion in the minor. Minors in this program are encouraged, if possible, to also take courses equivalent to any of those listed below at universities abroad (particularly universities in the Middle East and North Africa).  Approval must be given from the program director for such course substitutions.

  1. Six hours from: HST 370(3), HST 371(3), PLS 544(3), REL 350(3).
  2. Three hours from: ARB 101(3), ARB 102(3), MCL197- Introduction to Kurdish I or Introduction to Kurdish II (3) or another Middle Eastern language (3) (including accredited language courses available online, at other universities and/or via study abroad programs, as approved).
  3. Nine hours from the following courses, with no more than six hours from any one department: ANT 397*, ART 471, GRY 305*, HST 369, HST 532, HST 541, HST 542, HST 543, PLS 443, PLS 497*, PLS 546, PLS 569, REL 312, REL 325, REL 330, REL 350, REL 353, REL 397*, REL 550*, REL 570, and courses taught as part of the Mideast Meets Midwest Missouri Consortium of Middle East Studies (courses offered on the Middle East Online from various Missouri universities).

    *when applicable and the special topic is related to the Middle East or a Middle East study away program

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