Close up of a Native American headband

Why minor in Native American studies?

  • You’ll benefit from curriculum that includes field work experiences and cultural events as well as Native speakers and performers.
  • Familiarity with America’s indigenous communities will prepare you for positions in museums, universities, government organizations, archaeology, park services and more.

Native American Studies

Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Music Education
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Education (non-certifiable)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Social Work

Administration of the program

Courses must be approved by the faculty of the Native American Studies Committee for inclusion in the minor.

The Native American Studies Program is an interdisciplinary minor course of study allowing students to concentrate on the history, arts, and cultures of native peoples of the Americas. The minor in Native American Studies offers a multidisciplinary exploration of the history, arts, and cultures of the first Americans, past and present. It can be an excellent complement to many majors, including art, history, and anthropology. The knowledge provided will be valuable if not essential in any career that involves working with Native Americans in business, social services, public administration, or health and medicine. The minor will also stimulate awareness and appreciation of the ethnic and cultural diversity of the United States, which is an increasing concern in the workforce and society today, as well as the importance of cultural heritage.

  1. Complete 18 hours from the following courses and from at least three disciplines (course codes), with no more than nine hours from any one discipline.  ANT 325(3), ANT 327(3), ANT 330(3)*, ANT 351(3)*, ANT 360(3), ANT 490(3)*, ANT 598(3), ART 273(3), ART 485(3), ART 487(3), ART 496(3)*, ENG 354(3)*, GRY 305(3)*, GRY 597(3)*, HST 397(3)*, HST 509(3), HST 510(3), REL 315(3). 
  2. Other courses (e.g., special topics, transfer) may be applied with the approval of the Administrator.

    *when applicable

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