Faculty Senate

2019–20 Faculty Senate Chair message

Saibal MitraIt is my privilege to serve as the Chair of the Faculty Senate at the Missouri State University. This body represents about 800 faculty whose talent and expertise spans a multitude of areas. The primary purpose of the Faculty Senate is to ensure faculty participation at all levels of university governance. This body is the advocate of all issues that faculty consider themselves to be stakeholders and makes recommendation on governance issues that are of concern to faculty. The Faculty Senate ensures that the voice of the faculty is heard during the decision-making process.

In addition, the Senate is also responsible for curricular issues. Much of the work of Senate is accomplished through both standing and ad-hoc committees. These meetings are open to faculty, please follow the “Committees” link on your left for a full list of Senate committees and contact information. The Senate meets monthly during the academic year, follow the “Faculty Senate Calendar” link on your left for meeting times and places.

Dr. Saibal Mitra, Chair of Faculty Senate
Phone: 417-836-8989
Email: SaibalMitra@MissouriState.edu

Faculty Senate Executive Committee


Chair – Dr. Saibal Mitra
Chair-Elect – Dr. Cameron Wickham
Secretary – Dr. Beth Walker
Parliamentarian – Dr. Michael Hudson
Past Chair – Dr. Tom Dicke



Faculty Senate Office

Sandra Johnson, CAP
Administrative Specialist III
Office: CARR 310
Phone: 836-5257

Faculty Senate Calendar

December 23-January 3 - MSU Offices Closed

January 9 - Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meets

January 14 - College Councils Meet

January 15 - CGEIP; Graduate Council and EPPC Meet

January 16 - Faculty Senate Meets at 3:30 p.m. in PSU Ballroom East

January 20 - MSU Offices Closed

January 21 - Faculty Concerns Committee Meets

January 23 - Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meets