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A Message from the Faculty Senate Chair

Michael Foster

Welcome to the Missouri State University Faculty Senate website.

The Chair of Faculty Senate represents a vast expertise of faculty across a multitude of areas. It is a high and humbling honor for me to represent them for the 2017-18 academic year. Faculty Senate is responsible for the curriculum from which we guide our students to the completion of degrees and certificates. Faculty Senate is also the representational voice of all academic departments and ranks of faculty. In addition, monthly meetings of Faculty Senate provide a forum for issues of faculty. Numerous sub-committees, both standing and ad hoc, report to Faculty Senate. At the core of the Faculty Senate is the Executive Committee which consists of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair, Secretary, and Parliamentarian. Basically, Faculty Senate is command central for faculty debate and decision-making.

My platform as Chair of Faculty Senate includes a focus on clarifying faculty voice in university decision-making. Faculty members have expertise in all areas relevant to the success of an organization including areas such as economics, organizational psychology, communication, and statistics. As such, they can, and, I believe should be, a part of improving the university. Certainly the expertise of faculty has been utilized by the university for the well-being of the university; however, I believe that we, the faculty, can do a better job of providing that expertise and doing so in a clear and useful way. Furthermore I believe faculty and university leadership can work more effectively when pulling together on the same team. There are two components of this platform of clarifying faculty voice in university decision making. The first component is the formation of three ad hoc committees.

First, I will form an ad hoc committee to investigate reducing the graduation requirement to 120 hours. The Complete College America movement recommends 30 hours per year, or 120 total from four years. Provost Einhellig would like faculty to systematically investigate a possible reduced graduation requirement, and if feasible, bring revised catalog language for consideration to Faculty Senate.

Second, I will form an ad hoc committee on Personnel Hiring Trends at MSU. As requested by President Smart, this will be a cooperative effort between his office and Faculty Senate to provide information from which strategic decision making can occur. Data-informed decision making is always important, but especially so during lean fiscal years.

Third, I will convene an ad hoc committee on Policy Review, an idea suggested by General Counsel, which will serve as a place where new and existing policies can be considered. This committee will, hopefully, be a standing committee the following year.

The second component of my platform to improve faculty voice in university decision making is to improve the products that emerge from Faculty Senate investigation and debate. As such, there will likely be an increased use of Faculty Senate Resolutions and Faculty Senate Actions. Historically, the reports presented to Faculty Senate by its various committees include recommendations which are unclear and not actionable as specific and clear communication pieces. My emphasis this year will be on reports that produce recommendations in the form of Resolutions or Senate Actions, thus providing more clear communication from faculty to university decision makers.

In closing, I see universities as the R & D of humanity. It is here that new ideas are explored and tested. It is here that future scientists, professionals, and a variety of difference makers are developed. It is here where diverse ideas and diverse peoples should thrive together. It is my hope that faculty and all other parts of the university can work well together to continue this amazing place as a destination of choice for students. As Chair of Faculty Senate I look forward to being a part of this important work and appreciate the work of everyone who will come alongside during the coming year to help.

Dr. Cindy MacGregor, Chair of Faculty Senate


2017–18 Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Chair – Dr. Cynthia MacGregor
Chair-Elect – Dr. Tom Dicke
Secretary – Dr. Beth Hurst
Parliamentarian – Dr. Michael Hudson
Past Chair – Mr. Micheal Foster

2018–19 Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Chair – Dr. Tom Dicke
Chair-Elect – Dr. Saibal Mitra
Secretary – Dr. Beth Walker
Parliamentarian – Dr. Michael Hudson
Past Chair – Dr. Cynthia MacGregor

Faculty Senate Office - CARR 310 - 836-5257

Sandra Johnson, CAP
Administrative Specialist III


Faculty Senate Office Calendar

  • April 26--Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meets
  • May 9--CGEIP, Graduate Council and EPPC Meet
  • May 10--Faculty Senate Meets at 3:30 p.m. in PSU 313
  • May 28--University Offices Closed

Curricular Action Workflow Announcement

The Faculty Senate Office, in cooperation with the Management Information Systems team, is pleased to announce a new online Curricular Action Workflow system. This new system replaces the existing paper-based curricular process. The Curricular Action Workflow system was approved in the April 2015 Faculty Senate session as Senate Action 29-14/15.

Visit the Curricular Proposal Web Page for More Information.