Professional preparation portfolios

The purpose of this website is to provide students with information about the Professional Preparation Portfolio process at Missouri State University. The portfolio is an organized, selective representation of your accomplishments, and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MDESE) requires the portfolio for certification in professional education.

Why complete a professional portfolio?

  • Supports student’s progression throughout the professional education sequence.
  • Serves as an evaluation tool that guides professional development.
  • Offers a showcase for student performances related to essential knowledge, skills and dispositions.
  • Allows the student to demonstrate growth and proficiency in regard to Missouri State, state and national professional education standards.
  • Facilitates collaboration and interaction through the sharing of on line projects and discussion of teaching skills.
  • Provides a forum for publication and dissemination of artifacts that support instruction.
  • Meets state certification and graduation requirements.

The portfolio process begins in the first Professional Education course and culminates in the supervised student-teaching experience. Progress is noted at three distinct checkpoints with outcomes related to standards documented throughout the Professional Education program.