Notary Public Policy

Notary services for University related business are available to students, free of charge, at the locations shown on this site. Individuals should call in advance to make certain the notary is available. Although not intended to be an all inclusive listing, University business would include such purposes as scholarship certification, applications for internships and cooperative programs, passport and insurance documentation, voter registration, financial aid requirements, grant applications, placement and certification needs, retirement documents and student activity participation.

For other personal, legal and financial matters notary services are available for a fee in the Springfield community and are also available at Commerce Bank in the Plaster Student Union.

Alumni Center

  • University Advancement, Cindy Busby, Room 505, 417-836-4823

Carrington Hall

  • Admissions, Julie Spinabella, Room 425, 417-836-4329
  • Financial Services, Dawn McIntyre, Room 424, 417-836-8992
  • General Counsel, T.J. Phinney, Room 205, 417-836-8507
  • Human Resources, Denise Lofton, Room 315, 417-836-5892
  • Human Resources, Holly Martin-Radford, Room 315, 417-836-5977
  • Payroll, Tami Bowen, Room 119, 417-836-5354
  • Student Affairs, Peggy Jones, Room 200, 417-836-5526

Glass Hall

  • Information Technology and Cybersecurity, Karen Eisman, Room 359, 417-836-4131

Jim D. Morris Center

  • International Programs, Brenda Stewart, Room 507, 417-836-8943

Meyer Library

  • Board of Governors office, Rowena Stone, Room 115C, 417-836-5051

Plaster Student Union

  • Plaster Student Union Administration Office, Karen Foster, Room 401, 417-836-5886

Strong Hall

  • College of Humanities and Public Affairs, Laurie Wilson, Room 207, 417-836-6259
  • Religious Studies, Jane Terry, Room 251, 417-836-5514