Bears Care for the Philippines

The Philippines have been ravaged by a massive Typhoon, affecting many in the area. An early death toll is estimated to be at 10,000 by the United Nations and more than 600,000 are currently displaced. Students are aware that relief takes times and should be done through coordinated efforts and sustained projects.

The first step we will be participating in will be coordinating financial relief efforts through Convoy of Hope.

Missouri State University students are coming together to help provide relief in the Philippines. Together students have decided to raise money for Convoy of Hope, who is on the ground assisting and providing immediate disaster relief. The goal for fundraising is set at $23,838 – representing just $1.00 for every student in the Missouri State University system. Together we can help provide relief to those who are unfortunately affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

Convoy of Hope

Students have decided to partner with Convoy of Hope to provide financial assistance. Convoy is on the ground and working with the local community to provide the best resources possible including clean water and other support.

To make a donation directly through Convoy of Hope you can visit the Bears Care for the Philippines fundraising page at:

Student Groups and others on campus who wish to donate at this time should contact Patrick Grayshaw:

Bucket Campaign

We will be bucketing to raise money at the Football and Basketball games on 11/16/2013 -- If you have the time and ability to hold a bucket, please feel free to sign up. Visit: to sign up.

Involved Partners

Special thanks to Student Government Association, the student planning team, and others for their support in this effort.