Student Teaching Options

Student Teaching is required for all areas of teacher certification. Therefore, a student teaching experience is built into all undergraduate and postbaccalaureate teacher certification programs. While most students will complete traditional student teaching as part of their program, occasionally a student will qualify for credit for student teaching utilizing a more "non-traditional" method. Below are links to your options regarding student teaching.

Traditional Student Teaching

  • This option consists of 10-12 credit hours of regular student teaching, and is the route that most undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students will take.

Student Teaching as Teacher of Record

  • This option is available to both undergraduates and postbaccalaureate students. It allows a student to begin teaching on a Provisional Teaching Certificate AND complete student teaching at the same time in one semester. This also requires additional supervision by the School District and is not always approved.

One Block Waiver of Student Teaching

  • This option is ONLY available to postbaccalaureate students. Those who have significant teaching experience as a substitute teacher or teacher of record may qualify for a one-block waiver of student teaching.

Credit for Student Teaching Utilizing the Teacher's Aide Rule

  • This option is available to both Undergraduates and Postbaccalaureate students. Students who have been a Teacher's Aide in their grade level and content field or who have been teaching under a Provisional Teaching Certificate while enrolled in Professional Education Courses may qualify for this option.

More information on this rule will be posted soon. In the mean time, if you have questions regarding credit for student teaching utilizing the Teacher's Aide Rule, please contact the Teacher Certification Office at 417-836-8772.