School Psychological Examiner Certification

School Psychological Examiners are assessors certified by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to work with students from kindergarten to twelfth grade in public schools, interviewing, observing, and administering and interpreting standardized testing instruments that measure cognitive and academic abilities, or describe behavior, personality characteristics, attitude or aptitude, in order to determine eligibility for special education services, placement, or conduct re-evaluation, or occupational guidance and planning.

The work of the School Psychological Examiners is both qualitative and quantitative in nature. They prepare psycho-educational evaluation reports based on test results and interpretation. Integrated with case history, the evaluation reports should present an accurate and clear profile of a student’s level of functioning or disability, strengths and weaknesses, compare test results with the standards of the evaluation instruments, analyze potential test biases, and develop appropriate recommendations to help direct educational interventions and services in a most inclusive and least restrictive environment. Evaluation reports are framed by laws and regulations applicable to testing and assessment in special education, and must follow school district policies and the codes of ethics applicable to education, special education, and psychological assessment.

School Psychological Examiners also provide psycho-educational interventions such as consultation services, collaboration in behavior management planning and monitoring, and devising social skills training programs in public schools

Coursework Required for the Certificate

School Psychological Examiner certification in Missouri can only be earned as an "added" certificate. Students pursuing this certification must have earned a minimum of a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology, Educational Psychology, School Counseling or Education and must possess a valid teaching or student services certificate in another area. School Psychological Examiner certification is most often added to a School Counselor, Education Administration or Special Education certificate, but can be added to any certificate with the appropriate coursework.

In addition, DESE requires that most of the coursework for this certificate be completed at the graduate level. Therefore, undergraduate coursework cannot be applied to most of the requirements for this certificate. For a list of courses required for this certification, please view the School Psychological Examiner Academic Program Guide.

Application Process and Degree Option

Students interested in pursuing this certificate need to complete the Postbaccalaureate, teacher certification application process. Once we receive all your application materials, including all official transcripts, we will complete a transcript analysis and will send you an "Individualized Program of Study" detailing the coursework you will need to complete in order to earn this certification.

EdS. in Counseling and Assessment Degree Program: Missouri State currently offers an Education Specialist degree program that includes certification as a School Psychological Examiner. This program allows you to combine previously completed coursework in School Counseling from Missouri State or another institution with coursework required for Schol Psychological Examiner certification. For more information on this option, please visit the EdS in Assessment Website.


Students pursuing School Psychological Examiner certification will be assigned to a faculty advisor in the Counseling, Leadership and Special Education Department. Students will also remain in contact with the Teacher Certification Office regarding certification issues.