Applying for Your Certificate

Missouri State will recommend you for Certification as a teacher, counselor or school administrator in Missouri once you have completed all requirements for that certification. We also process applications for Provisional Certification. For detailed instructions regarding each step in the process, please follow the links below.

Step 1: Create your DESE Online Profile

Regardless of the type of application you are submitting, you must first create a DESE Online profile. If you have already established an online profile for a substitute certificate or another teaching or student services certificate, you should still log into this system and make sure the information in your online profile is accurate.

Step 2: Applying for your Certificate

Please review the list below and choose the type of certificate you are applying for.

  • Added Teaching Certificate: This option is for currently certified teachers who have completed the requirements to add an additional certificate through either additional coursework or Missouri Content (MoCA) assessment.
  • Certification Through Doctorate: This option is for those who have verified they are eligible for Certification through Doctorate in Missouri.
  • Initial Professional Certificate (IPC). This option is for those who are earning their first teaching, counseling or administrative certificate through an undergraduate, postbaccalaureate, graduate or alternative (MAT, SEACT, VIP) program at Missouri State.
  • Missouri Certification for Non-Missouri Graduates. This option is for those who have completed a Teacher Education program in a state other than Missouri and now wish to be certified in Missouri. This option should be chosen whether or not your certification in another state is currently active.
  • Name Changes on your DESE profile: Select this option if your last name has changed and you wish to notify DESE of your name change so it will be reflected on your certificate.
  • Out of Country Applicants: Select this option if you are a graduate from a country outside the United States and have held a teaching credential in another country. Those who graduated from another country but do not hold a teaching credential will need to contact a College or University in Missouri to inquire about options for teacher certification. For options through Missouri State visit Professional Education Certification.
  • Provisional Certificate. This option is for students who have not completed all certification requirements but who have been offered a job by a school district on a Provisional Certificate.
  • Reactivating an Expired Certificate. This option is for individuals who have a certificate in Missouri that has expired and the individual has not met the requirements to upgrade their certificate to the next level.
  • Renewing/Extending a Current Certificate: This option is for current teachers who have a valid and active certificate that is about to expire and do not meet the requirements to upgrade their certificate to the next level.
  • Speech/Language Pathology Certification. This option is for those who have completed their masters degree in Speech/Language Pathology at Missouri State and wish to apply for a DESE Student Services certificate. These students should NOT complete an IPC application.
  • Substitute Certificate. This option is for those who do not currently hold a valid certificate and wish to work in a school setting as a substitute teacher. Candidates for this certificate must have at least 60 credit hours of college coursework completed and need to complete an FBI Background check. For detailed information on the requirements for a substitute certificate, please review the DESE website.
  • Upgrading your Teaching Certificate. This option is for individuals who hold a valid and active Missouri Teaching Certificate and are eligible to upgrade from an IPC to a CCPC certificate.