Missouri Performance Assessments

Updated 9/21/15

The Missouri Performance Assessments are the culminating experience required of all teacher, counselor, school leader and librarian candidates in Missouri, and are completed during the student teaching/internship experience at the end of the program. Per DESE Rule, those who complete their culminating clinical experience after August 31, 2015 must successfully complete the MoPTA.




Required beginning Fall 2015


Information on all four assessments can be found by visiting the Missouri Performance Assessments website.

  • MoPTA - Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment: This is required of all Teacher Education candidates in Missouri
  • MoSLPA - Missouri School Leader Performance Assessment: This is required of all School Leader (Principal/Superintendent) candidates in Missouri.
    • Updated 10/29/15:  The established qualifying score for the MoSLPA is 41. To view detailed policies regarding the implementation of the MoSLPA, please click here.
  • MoSCPA - Missouri School Counselor Performance Assessment: This is required of all School Counseling candidates in Missouri
  • MoLPA - Missouri Librarian Performance Assessment: This is required of all School Librarian candidates in Missouri.

More information From DESE

More information on the MoPTA from DESE can be found at the Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment website.

Fee Waivers for the MoPTA

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has indicated that partial fee waivers for the MoPTA will be available through ETS for students that meet certain low income guidelines. To apply for a need-based fee reduction, please complete the form at this website: http://mega.ets.org/test-takers/mopta/register/fees/reductions/. At this time, there is no information available on the ETS website regarding a fee waiver for any test other than the MoPTA.