Missouri Content Assessments (MoCA)

**Please note: the last day to take the MoGEA and the MoCA is June 23, 2024, however some tests have different dates. Check the MEGA website by clicking on your content area assessment and looking at the top for the last available date. For example, the last day for the Chinese, French, and German MoCA is March 17, 2024 and the last day for the Spanish MoCA is May 12, 2024.

Starting July 1, 2024, the Praxis tests will replace the MoGEA and MoCA requirement. Details coming soon. All passing MoGEA and MoCA scores will continue
to be accepted for certification.**

Missouri Content Assessments

Missouri Content Assessments (MoCA) are tests required to be passed by all candidates for a teacher, student services, or administrative certification. Candidates must attempt the Missouri Content Assessment (MoCA) for their certification area prior to student teaching (some programs require that the MoCA be passed prior to student teaching) and the appropriate MoCA must be passed in order to be recommended for certification.  Refer to the Teacher Education Entrance and Content exams website for MoCA details.

MoCA updates

  • Before registering for a test, we recommend reading through the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Missouri Content Assessments.
  • The cut score for ALL MoCA Exams has been set by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) at 220.

Test information

What test to take

You can find the correct test by certification area by viewing the list of assessments by program posted on the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments (MEGA) website. 

When to take it

It may take more than one attempt to pass the Missouri Content Assessment, so don't wait until the last minute and risk delaying your certification. If you are unsure about when to take it, please check with your Academic Advisor.

Note: Candidates must attempt the exam prior to student teaching (some programs require that it be passed prior to student teaching).

Where to take it

To determine where you will take your test, go to the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments website and then click on "Tests". Select the test you need to take. You will then be able to view test dates, locations, fees, etc.

How to register

You can register by going to the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments website and clicking "Register" on the top. The first time, you will need to create an account. Once logged in, you can register for any of the available tests. When registering, please be sure to indicate that you received your training at Missouri State. This way, they will send us your score report. You will also want them to email you a PDF of your score report. You should save this for your records.

How to prepare

Study Guides, sample tests and testing frameworks for the Missouri Content Assessments can be found by going to the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments website and clicking on "prepare". Currently Study Guides and Test Frameworks can be downloaded from the MEGA website for free. Practice Tests can be purchased for an additional fee.

Adding additional certifications

Once you are certified to teach in any area, you can add some certificates by passing the appropriate Missouri Content Assessment in that area. For more information on adding additional certificates, please visit our Adding Certificates website. Once you have passed the Missouri Content Area Assessment, you will need to apply for that additional certificate through DESE. Even though they will receive your score, they will not act on it unless you apply for the certificate. To apply for the additional certificate through Missouri Content Assessment, please go to our Applying for your Certificate website and click on "added teaching certificate".

Note: Students adding middle school to the same area of Secondary Education will take the Professional Knowledge:  Middle School MoCA, test # 062, not the Middle School Content Area Assessment.

If you plan to move to another state to teach and want to transfer all of your added certificates, you should contact that state to see if they accept certification through Missouri Content Assessment before registering for an additional exam.

Note: These added certificates through Missouri Content Assessment may not be transferable to other states since you did not earn them through coursework.