May 12, 2016

Board of Governors Review

May 12, 2016 Meeting

(prepared by the office of university communications)



The board approved amendments to the contracts with football assistant coaches.

West Plains Campus

Appointments: Tresa Ryan, instructor/program director of health, information technology; Carla Neff, lecturer of health information technology; Tera Smith, lecturer of computer graphics and programming; Alex D. Pinnon, lecturer/director of the William and Virginia Darr Honors Program; Bruce A. Cavitt, Academic Specialist; Geoffrey T. Ping, Coordinator of Financial Aid; and Jared L. Cates, Coordinator Student Life & Dev.

Promotions: Phillip Howerton from associate professor to professor; Gary Phillips from associate professor to professor.

The board approved the FY17 salary and benefit for MSU-West Plains coaches.

The board approved expenditures to implement student-approved capital projects.

The board approved revised Memorandum of Understanding and Approval to Enter into an Agreement with West Plains High School.

The board approved revised Dual Credit Agreement.

Student affairs

The board approved Wyrick expenditures passed by student vote April 2016 to be implemented in FY 2017.

The board approved a Student Government Association (SGA) resolution to name the new Multicultural Resource Center Annex the Mary Jean Price-Walls Multicultural Resource Center Annex.

The board approved the revised Student Government Association (SGA) Constitution.


The board approved the activity and purchasing reports for the Springfield and West Plains campuses.

Facilities and equipment

The board approved a contract for the FY16 job order contracting services – security systems installation.

Human resources

Ranked academic appointments: Jeni Hopkins, instructor, Greenwood; Heid Backes, assistant professor, modern and classical languages; Djene Bajalan, assistant professor, history; James Bihlmeyer, professor, media, journalism and film; Seth Cockrell, assistant professor, marketing; Pamela Correll, assistant professor, reading, foundations and technology; Jessica Elliott, assistant professor, history; Timothy Flanner, assistant professor, economics; Benjamin Goss, assistant professor, management; Erin Kappeler, assistant professor, English; Junyoung Kim, assistant professor, kinesiology; Jonathan Newman, assistant professor, English; Arthur Owara, assistant professor, Master of Public Health; Kangkang Qi, assistant professor, computer information systems; Jennifer Rojas-McWhinney, assistant professor, childhood education and family studies; Leslie Seawright, assistant professor, English; Jenifer Skiba, assistant professor, marketing; Suneeta Thomas, assistant professor, English; Sarah Wilcoxon, assistant professor, theatre and dance.

Unranked academic reappointment: Russell Brock, clinical assistant professor, Southwest Regional Professional Development Center; David Hammons, instructor, marketing; and Michelle Satterfield, clinical instructor, childhood education and family studies.

Academic resignations: Susan L. Berg, nursing; Scott Richmond, kinesiology; and Harrison Witt, media, journalism and film.

Academic retirement: Roberta Aram, childhood education and family studies; Christina Biava, English; James Bilhmeyer, media, journalism and film; Janice Nelson, kinesiology; Richard Neumann, English; David Oatman, kinesiology; Kristene Sutliff, English; and Jerry Hoover, music.

Sabbaticals: Mary Ann Jennings, School of Social Work; Ralph Shain, philosophy; Judith Martin, modern and classical languages; Ruth Barnes, theatre and dance; Eric Bosch, chemistry; S. Berlin Brahnam, computer information systems; Gwen Walstrand, art and design; Kevin Evans, geography, geology and planning; Jacek Fraczak, art and design; Xingping Sun, mathematics; Kanghui Guo, mathematics; Kelly Haggard, finance and general business; Cheryl Jones, library; Robert Mayanovic, physics, astronomy and material sciences; and Kartik Ghosh, physics, astronomy and material sciences.

Academic change-of-status: Eric Pervukhin, professor to head, art and design; Jerry Hoover, professor to faculty emeritus; Vonda Yarberry, professor to acting interim department head, art and design; Tamara Arthaud, department head to associate professor, counseling, leadership and special education; James Bihlmeyer, professor to faculty emeritus; Joan McClennen, professor to faculty emeritus; and Janice Nelson, associate professor to faculty emeritus.

Non-academic appointments: Alyssa M. Cassidy, VESTA Missouri Coordinator, Agriculture; Marla Fritz, Academic Administrative Assistant I, Chemistry; Lamar L. Curtis, Collection Coordinator, Financial Services; Bryan J. Ray, Planner, Center for Resource Planning & Management; Heather R. Cinkosky, Administrative Specialist II, Taylor Health & Wellness Center; Trysta K. Herzog, Strategic Communications Specialist; College of Arts & Letters; Jinzi Fan, China Program Specialist, International Leadership & Training Center; Deandre Branch, Admission Counselor for Diversity Outreach & Recruitment, Office of Admissions; Tamaria Few, Director, Office of Human Resources; Justin Lozano, Director, Disability Resource Center; Emily Wright, Administrative Assistant II, Honors College; and Jason Z. Thornton, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation-Facilities.

Non-academic resignations: Tracy West, Safety & Transportation; Jaydean L. Miller, Career Center; June M. Burke, Custodial Services; Danielle Newcomb, Financial Services; Nicole L. Nelson, Institutional Research; Lindsey Reddick, Student Affairs Residence Life, Housing & Dining Services; Heather Brinker, Child Development Center; Kami B. Gollhofer, Southwest Missouri Area Health Education Center; Brian Hite, Facilities Management - Custodial; Barron Hagerman, Computer Services; Victoria D. Summers-Anderson, Child Development Center; Dixie Williams, Office of Admissions; and Gail A. Barrowclough, Residence Life, Housing & Dining Services.

Non-academic retirements: Janice M. Felker, Biomedical Sciences; Nancy A. Copeland, Financial Services; and Rayanna L. Anderson, Small Business Technical Development Center.

Deceased: Kimberly Bell, Enrollment Services

Non-academic changes-of-status: Shirley Mitchell, from Accountant to Senior Accountant/Analyst, Office of the Provost; Sheri L. Ballard, from Accountant to Senior Accountant/Analyst, Financial Services; Kristin M. Bilyeu, from Accountant to Senior Accountant/Analyst, Financial Services; Clara Lynette Walker, from Administrative Assistant II to Administrative Assistant III, Taylor Health & Wellness Center; Eric P. Shively, from Distributed User Support Specialist to Instructional Tech. Support Specialist, College of Health & Human Services; Lori A. Vaughan, from Residence Hall Receptionist to Academic Administrative Assistant I, Nursing; Alyssa J. Kearns, from Admission Counselor to Senior Admission Counselor, Office of Admissions; Brooks Travis, from Distributed User Support Specialist to Information Technology Coordinator, Library; Tamarah Y. Dixon, from Residence Hall Director to Assistant Director of Student Conduct, Office of Student Conduct; Kristan E. Gochenauer, from Executive Assistant to President to Secretary to the Board of Governors; and Rayanna L. Anderson, from Director of Small Business Technical Development Center to Staff Emeritus.


President Clif Smart gave a report.

The board approved a revised fee schedule.

The board approved 2016 Wall of Fame inductees.


Dr. Sharmistha Self, outgoing Faculty Senate chair, and Mike Foster, incoming Faculty Senate chair, gave a report.

Provost Frank Einhellig gave a report.

The board approved a resolution creating the Center for Writing in College, Career and Community.

The board approved a resolution honoring outgoing Faculty Senate Chair Sharmistha Self.

The board approved a resolution acknowledging the Excellence in Public Affairs for Faculty and Staff award recipients.


Dr. Jim Baker, vice president for research, economic development and international programs, gave a written report on sponsored research activities and international programs.


Wes Pratt, assistant to president/chief diversity officer, gave a written report.


Dr. Drew Bennett, Missouri State University-West Plains chancellor, reported on activities at the West Plains campus.


Ashley Crisafulli, student body president, gave a report.

Dr. Dee Siscoe, vice president for student affairs, gave a written report.

The board approved a resolution honoring outgoing Student Body President Ashley Crisafulli.

The board approved a resolution honoring outgoing Student Body Vice President Alissa Biermaier.


Suzanne Shaw, vice president for marketing and communications, gave a written report.


Christina Bowles, chair of the Staff Senate, gave a report.

The board approved a resolution honoring outgoing Staff Senate Chair Christina Bowles.


Brent Dunn, vice president for university advancement, gave a written report on development activities.


The board heard presentations about online education.


Following the meeting, the board met in closed session.

The next board meeting will take on June 10 in West Plains, Missouri.