ARTICLE I: Definitions

Section 1. University
Section 2. The Board of Governors of Missouri State University
Section 3. Chair (President) of the Board
Section 4. President of the University
Section 5. Campus
Section 6. The Executive Committee of the Board of Governors of Missouri State University

ARTICLE II: The Board of Governors

Section 1. Composition of the Board
Section 2. Term of Office
Section 3. Offices
Section 4. Powers, Role and Responsibilities of the Board
Section 5. Quorum
Section 6. Annual Meeting
Section 7. Regular Meetings
Section 8. Special Meetings
Section 9. Adjourned Meetings
Section 10. Notice
Section 11. Agenda and Proceedings
Section 12. Presumption of Assent
Section 13. Governing Policies
Section 14. Attendance Policy

ARTICLE III: Officers of the Board; Powers and Duties

Section 1. Officers
Section 2. Election and Terms of Office
Section 3. Vacancies and Removal
Section 4. Chair of the Board; Duties and Powers
Section 5. Vice Chair of the Board; Duties
Section 6. Secretary of the Board; Duties
Section 7. Treasurer of the Board
Section 8. Vacancies

ARTICLE IV: Committees

Section 1. Appointment
Section 2. Committee Membership
Section 3. Committee Powers
Section 4. Committee Meetings
Section 5. Executive Committee

ARTICLE V: Fiscal Year

Section 1. Term

ARTICLE VI: Seal and Insignia

Section 1. Form of Seal
Section 2. Insignia

ARTICLE VII: Contracts, Loans, Checks, Deposits, Expense Reimbursements, Indemnification, and Appropriation for Annual Expenses

Section 1. Contracts
Section 2. Loans
Section 3. Checks, Drafts, Order of Payment
Section 4. Deposits
Section 5. Expense Reimbursement
Section 6. Indemnification and Liability
Section 7. Appropriation for Annual Expenses

ARTICLE VIII: Communications

Section 1. Communications from or to Individual Governors

ARTICLE IX: Hearings Before the Board

Section 1. Revocation of License to Teach
Section 2. Hearings on Removal of a President, Professor or Teacher,
Pursuant to 174.150, MO. REV. STAT.
Section 3. Hearings on Contested Cases, Pursuant to 536.063, et seq., MO. REV. STAT.

ARTICLE X: Officers of the University

Section 1. President's Employment
Section 2. Powers and Duties of the President of the University
Section 3. Vice Presidents and Other Officers, Establishment and Authority
Section 4. Files for University Rules and Regulations, Executive Orders, Delegations of Authority

ARTICLE XI: The Board's Relationship to the Faculty

Section 1. Definition
Section 2. Powers
Section 3. Presidential Veto Power

ARTICLE XII: Conflict of Interest

Section 1. Definition
Section 2. Prohibited Acts
Section 3. Disclosure

ARTICLE XIII: Miscellaneous

Section 1. Amendments
Section 2. Prior Instruments
Section 3. Conflicts
Section 4. Construction