August 3, 2007

AUGUST 3, 2007

1. Roll Call
Present- Mr. Michael Duggan, Governor
Mr. Gordon Elliott, Governor
Mr. Brian Hammons, Governor
Ms. Mary Sheid, Vice President of the Board
Mr. Ryan Sivill, Student Governor
Ms. Cathy Smith, Governor
Ms. Phyllis Washington, Governor
Mr. John Winston, Governor

Present- Michael Nietzel, President
Drew Bennett, Chancellor of the West Plains Campus
Brent Dunn, Vice President for University Advancement
Frank Einhellig, Associate Provost for Graduate Studies
Greg Burris, Vice President for Administrative and Information Services
Jim Baker, Vice President for Research & Economic Development
Don Aripoli, Vice President for Student Affairs
Kent Kay, Chief Financial Officer
John Black, General Counsel
John McAlear, Secretary of the Board

2. Presiding --- The presiding officer for the meeting was Ms. Mary Sheid, Vice President of the Board of Governors. She called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. in Room 313 in the Robert W. Plaster Student Union on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

3. Approval of Minutes --- Ms. Sheid first asked for a motion for the approval of the minutes of the open and closed Board of Governors’ meetings of June 29, 2007. Mr. Duggan so moved, receiving the second of Mr. Winston.

Motion passed 7-0.

4. Election of Officers --- Ms. Sheid then remarked that it was time for election of officers for the 2007-2008 year. Ms. Washington nominated the following slate of officers: Mary Sheid for President, Mike Duggan for Vice President, Kent Kay for Treasurer, and John McAlear for Secretary. Ms. Smith seconded the nominations. With no other nominations being offered, Ms. Sheid asked for a vote on the nomination.

Nominations passed 7-0.

5. Consent Agenda --- Ms. Sheid noted that the next item of business on the agenda was the approval of the Consent Agenda for this meeting. The items included in the Consent Agenda are:

West Plains Campus
Approval of the Activity Report dated July 17, 2007 (West Plains Campus Activity Report No. 64-07).

Approval of the addition of Drew Bennett as a signatory on checks on the bank accounts at the Community First National Bank of West Plains (West Plains Campus Finance No. 28-07).

Approval of the removal of Dale Law as signatory on the checks on the bank account at the Community First National Bank of West Plains (West Plains Campus Finance No. 29-07).

Approval of actions concerning West Plains Campus academic employees (West Plains Campus Personnel No. 268-07).

Approval of actions concerning West Plains Campus non-academic employees (West Plains Campus Personnel No. 269-07).

Springfield Campus Purchases/Contracts
Approval of purchases exceeding $100,000 between June 29, 2007 and August 2, 2007 (Purchasing Activity Report No. 302-07).

Design and Construction Items
Approval of Activity Report for the month of June, 2007 (Activity Report No. 175-07).

Replacement of two high-voltage switches in the utilities tunnel on the Springfield Campus (Bids & Quotations No. 1238-07); A-1 Electric Service, Inc., only bid received of $208,386; project budget established at $310,000.

Concrete floor coatings for the JQH Arena (Bids & Quotations No. 1239-07); S & W Waterproofing, Inc., low bid of $122,923 for the base bid plus alternate 1.

Arena seating for the JQH Arena (Bids & Quotations No. 1240-07); Interkal, LLC, low bid of $1,101,689 for the base plus alternate 10.

Portable riser platforms for the JQH Arena (Bids & Quotations No. 1241-07); Staging Concepts, Inc., low bid of $335,000.

Acoustical baffle system for the JQH Arena (Bids & Quotations No. 1242-07); Artisan Construction Services, only bid received of $257,100.

Human Resources Items
Actions concerning academic employees (Human Resources No. 1243-07).

Actions concerning non-academic employees (Human Resources No. 1244-07).

Mr. Hammons moved to approve the Consent Agenda and Mr. Duggan seconded the motion.

Motion passed 7-0.

6. President’s Office --- Dr. Michael Nietzel first reported that the Safety and Security Task Force has been working over the summer and their report should be available for inspection and comment in the very near future. He next asked Ms. June McHaney, Director of Internal Audit, to provide an update on the new Whistleblower policy. Ms. McHaney reported that the Whistleblower Policy Implementation Committee has been working on rolling out the University’s hotline. She explained that this hotline is an option that an individual may use if he/she is uncomfortable with the normal reporting standards available on campus. Ethics Point is the third-party provider selected to provide this service either through a toll-free telephone call or through a secure website. Ethics Point reports the information they receive to the Internal Audit Department and the General Counsel and provides anonymity as far as the individual using the hotline service. This new service should be up and running by the end of August. Mr. Duggan next commented that in today’s Finance Committee meeting, it was decided that internal audit reports completed by the Internal Audit Department would first be distributed to the Chairman of the Finance Committee and then onto the entire board.

Dr. Nietzel next reported that the work of the Higher Education Funding Task Force has begun and will continue over the next year. Their charge is to develop a new model for how appropriations to the public institutions would be distributed. There is a work group that is dealing with more technical aspects of the funding mechanism and Mr. Kent Kay is our representative on that group.

He then presented a resolution (Finance No. 998-07) approving the request for operating funds for the Springfield, West Plains, and Mountain Grove campuses for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009. This request includes three decision items: 1) a 4.2% increase for the maintenance of our current programs - $3.6 million; 2) a $2.1 million request as part of a statewide initiative to address healthcare shortages - at Missouri State, our four main programs would be Nursing, Physician Assistants, Clinical Lab Scientists, and Physical Therapy; and, we are also looking at cooperating with UMKC in developing a Pharm-D program to address the projected shortage of pharmacists in 2012; and 3) $500,000 in one-time funds for the start-up funding for the cooperative engineering program with University of Missouri-Rolla. Mr. Duggan so moved with Mr. Winston providing the second to the motion.

Motion passed 7-0.

Dr. Nietzel next presented the following resolutions for the Board’s consideration:

Approval of the Noel Boyd Gift Agreement in support of the JQH Arena (Gifts No. 148-07). In recognition of his support, appropriate recognition is authorized in the Grand Entrance of the JQH Arena, on the terms set forth in the Gift Agreement.

Approval of the Office Concepts Gift Agreement in support of the JQH Arena (Gifts No. 149-07). In recognition of their support, the Guest Services area in the Arena will be named the “Office Concepts Guest Service Center,” on the terms set forth in the Gift Agreement.

Moved by Ms. Washington and seconded by Mr. Hammons.

Motion passed 7-0.

Dr. Jim Baker, Vice President for Research & Economic Development, next announced that the University’s Roy Blunt Jordan Valley Innovation Center (JVIC) is preparing to add two new companies – California-based Unidyme and Massachusetts-based Foster-Miller, Inc. to its prestigious team of senior corporate affiliates. He then introduced Dr. Brent Segal of Nantero, a senior corporate affiliate of JVIC, who gave an interesting report on the several corporate affiliates of JVIC working together to form new products and opportunities. Dr. Segal added that it was announced on July 17, 2007, the creation of the first commercial product to come out of the JVIC – the Electronic Grade Carbon Nanotube Solution.

7. Educational
a. Report from the Provost --- Dr. Frank Einhellig, Associate Provost for Graduate Studies, reported that this past year, there were 119 faculty and academic administrator searches: 68 searches were completed; 15 searches were deemed to be failed searches; 3 searches were not completed due to budget reasons; and 33 searches are still in progress, with several of these almost complete. He then presented a resolution (Curriculum No. 314-07) establishing a new program – Writing for Television and Film Undergraduate Certificate Program. Moved by Mr. Hammons and seconded by Ms. Smith.

Motion passed 7-0.

8. Research and Economic Development --- Dr. Jim Baker, Vice President for Research and Economic Development, reported that on July 24, 2007, the Springfield Center for Excellence for Life Sciences Research was approved by the Life Sciences Research Board. This is one of four such centers in the State.

9. West Plains Campus
--- Dr. Drew Bennett, Chancellor of the West Plains Campus, reported that new and continuing student enrollment are both up at this time (a total of 4%), as well as credit hours being up 8% when compared to this time last year.

10. Student Affairs:
a. Report from Student Body President --- Mr. Matthew Jungers, Student Body Vice President, reported that they have been working hard on SGA initiatives this summer. SGA has joined forces with the administration as far as student retention efforts.

b. Report from Vice President for Student Affairs --- Dr. Don Aripoli, Vice President for Student Affairs, reported that it appears that our total enrollment will be up this fall, although we may be down in new freshmen.
Dr. Aripoli then presented a resolution (Student Policies No. 95-07) approving the Board of Governors’ Citizen Scholar Award. This award came out of the Board’s Student Affairs Committee. Ms. Smith reported that this came out of an idea to reward excellence in service and/or to recognize accomplishments of students who may otherwise not have been recognized. The final product, the Citizen Scholar Award, has had input from both the Faculty and Staff Senates. Moved by Mr. Duggan and seconded by Mr. Winston.
Motion passed 7-0.

11. Staff Senate
--- Ms. Marline Faherty, Chair of the Staff Senate, reported that Staff Senate hosted its first annual staff picnic on July 12th. She added that at yesterday’s Senate meeting, Ms. Sheila Bowen, Wellness Coordinator, discussed exciting wellness plans for staff and faculty this coming year.

12. Finance:
a. Development Report --- Mr. Brent Dunn, Vice President for University Advancement, reported that FY07 was our second best year in receiving gifts – we received $10.9 million. We were down compared to FY06, our record year; however, we did receive considerably more in the annual gift category when compared to that category in FY06. He also reported that for the first month of the new fiscal year, FY08, we are down in number of gifts but up in the total gift dollars received.

b. Financial Report --- Mr. Kent Kay, Chief Financial Officer, presented the following resolution for the Board’s consideration:

Approval of purchases exceeding $100,000 from June 29, 2007 through August 2, 2007 (Purchasing Activity Report No. 303-07).

Moved by Ms. Washington Seconded by Mr. Winston.

Motion passed 7-0.

13. Facilities and Equipment --- Mr. Greg Burris, Vice President of Administrative and Information Services, gave a status report on the construction of the $67 million JQH Arena. Some of the increased numbers of the JQH Arena when compared to Hammons Student Center are: a) total seats – 11,000 to 8,858; b) chairback seats – 9,637 to 4,658; c) reserved seats for students – 1,363 to 380; d) lower bowl seats – 6,030 to 2,119; e) disabled seats – 120 to 24; f) public restroom stations – 168 to 72; g) concourse width – 22 feet to 4-6 feet; and h) seats for concerts – 10,542 to 6,400. The JQH Arena also has 55 courtside seats, 22 (maybe 24) private suites, 116 loge seats, and one private club – none of these are offered in Hammons Student Center.

14. Unfinished Business – Ms. Sheid first remarked that Mr. John Black, General Counsel, is working on a few Bylaw amendments that will be presented to the Board at their next meeting. She then announced the following board assignments for the coming year:

Executive Committee – Governors Duggan, Washington, Elliott, and Sheid (ex-officio)

Board liaison to the Missouri State University Foundation – Governor Hammons

New board member contact person – Governor Smith

Finance Committee – Governors Winston (chair), Duggan, and Elliott

Student Affairs – Governors Smith (chair), Sivill, and Sheid

Academic Affairs – Governors Hammons (chair) and Washington

15. Date of Next Meeting --- The date of the next scheduled meeting was set for September 14, 2007 at the Allen Village Charter School in Kansas City, Missouri.

16. Adjournment
--- Ms. Sheid adjourned the meeting at 10:45 a.m. on the motion of Mr. Duggan, the second of Mr. Hammons, and the unanimous vote of the Board.

John W. McAlear