November 24, 2009




November 24, 2009

1. Roll Call:

Present - Mr. Michael Duggan, Governor (by conference call)

Mr. Gordon Elliott, Governor, (by conference call)

Mr. Brian Hammons, Chair of the Board (by conference call)

Ms. Phyllis Washington, Vice-Chair of the Board (by conference call)


Present - Michael Nietzel, President

Paul Kincaid, Chief of Staff

Ken McClure, Vice President for Administrative and Information Services

Nila Hayes, Chief Financial Officer

Jim Baker, Vice President for Research & Economic Development

John McAlear, Secretary of the Board

2. Presiding — Mr. Brian Hammons, Chair of the Board of Governors, called the Executive Committee conference-call meeting to order at 9:35 a.m. in Room 203 of Carrington Hall on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

3. Facilities & Equipment --- Mr. Ken McClure, Vice President for Administrative and Information Services, presented a resolution (Item II.A.) for the architectural and engineering services in conjunction with the renovation of the Willow Brook property. Gaskin Hill Norcross Architects & Engineers will perform these services at a not-to-exceed fee of $301,900 plus reimbursable expenses. Additional services of up to $30,000 as described in this agreement may be authorized and approved as necessary. He explained that the University has received an Economic Development Administration grant of $2,750,000 to use for the purpose of this renovation. In order to move this project along as quickly as possible, the project will be divided into two phases. The first phase will be the reroofing of the facility and the second phase will be the exterior and interior renovation needed. The goal is to have the first phase bids awarded prior to the end of January 2010. Moved and seconded, respectively, by Mr. Elliott and Mr. Duggan.

Motion passed 3-0.

4. Adjournment — Mr. Hammons adjourned the conference call meeting at 9:50 a.m. on the motion of Mr. Duggan, the second of Mr. Elliott, and the unanimous vote of the committee.

John W. McAlear

Secretary of the Board