Student Academic Assistance

Do you need help with study skills or want to talk with another student who's been where you are? Our Academic Coaches and Peer Counselors can help!

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Academic Coaches

An Academic Coach is invested in the success of students. Coaching is a working partnership that focuses on the process of learning to be organized, meet deadlines, prioritize projects, and manage time to reach goals. Like an athletic coach, we help students become “even better” in their academic and professional skills.


With an academic coach, you can expect to explore your learning styles, habits of working, and current difficulties or barriers to success. We promise to:

  • Help you identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Assist you with academic and career goal setting
  • Develop your study and time management habits and other skills to ensure success
  • Connect you with other campus resources, as needed*

Ready to meet with an Academic Coach? Use our form to request to meet with an Academic Coach. We'll respond within two business days.


*Thanks to University of Kentucky and Iowa State for their helpful approaches to coaching.


Our Academic Coaches

Colton Franklin and Cassandra Thompson can be reached at


Peer Counselors

Peer Counseling is a special program focusing on peers helping peers. Peer Counseling is a free service available to all undergraduate students who wish to share a problem, need referral information, or just want to talk to an unbiased listener. The role of a Peer Counselor is to discuss problems with students and help them find answers to their questions about MSU. The service is staffed by three students who are active listeners and are knowledgeable about the campus resources available to assist students.


Are you worried about anything at all? We can talk it through with you. We are located in Meyer Library 116 (Center for Academic Success and Transition).


Ready to meet with a Peer Counselor? Use our form to request to meet with a Peer Counselor. We'll respond within two business days.


Our Peer Counselors

Rhiannon Casey, Michael Rexroad, and Alexandria Givens can be reached at
2019 Peer Counselors at information table