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Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures Paragraph

"The community of scholars that is Missouri State University is deeply committed to developing educated persons. Educated persons accept the responsibility to practice personal and academic integrity. Each member of the university community refrains from and discourages behavior that threatens the freedom and respect each member deserves. The policies and procedures included in this section specifically address student academic integrity, but recognize that student academic integrity is only part of the entirety of academic integrity in a community of scholars, and that all members of the community share the responsibility for fostering academic integrity."

Op3.01 Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures (Students)

To view this policy in its entirety, see Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures.

Summary of the appeal process: Academic Integrity Procedures Summary

What Could Happen if You do Violate the Policy?

  • You might have to do the assignment again.
  • You might get a zero on an assignment, paper, project, or test. 
  • You might get your grade lowered for the class.
  • You might get an F in the course. 
  • You might get an XF in the course (which other colleges and employers can see).
  • You might get suspended from the university. 
  • You might get expelled.



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