Student Resources

We want to turn this into a learning experience by connecting you to resources on campus to support your success at Missouri State. If you are interested in additional academic support, contact Center for Academic Success and Transition to request a meeting with an academic success coach.   

Below are your next steps in responding to an Incident Report that was filed:  

  • You can accept the proposed sanction with or without admitting a violation of the policy and a record of the incident will be kept on file. You’ll work with your professor on the sanctions.  
  • You may not agree with the incident report and sanctions; your next steps are as follows:  
    • Submit the Student Appeal to the Department Head within five academic days of receiving this letter.  
    • No grade-related sanction may be imposed on you until you admit misconduct, forgo a right to appeal, or are found in violation after an academic integrity hearing. You must continue to attend the class and complete assignments until the right of appeal has been exhausted.  
    • A student cannot avoid the sanction by dropping the course.  
    • Call the departmental office to schedule an appointment with the Department Head to review your appeal. You will meet with the department head within 15 days of receiving this letter if you decide to appeal.  
    • If you need more time to meet, please email the Academic Integrity Office and let them know your circumstances.  
    • At the conclusion of the appeal, if the Department Head denies your appeal, the sanctions recommended by the professor will be enforced.  
    • If you do not agree with the Department Head decision, you may ask for a panel hearing of the Academic Integrity Council.   
    • We support you and hope this is a one-time event. An additional academic integrity violation may lead to a multiple violation hearing which has severe consequences, including suspension and expulsion. The Student Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures provides additional information on the policy. 
    • For further appeals, contact the Academic Integrity Office