Faculty Resources

Report an academic integrity incident. There are several main categories and types of academic dishonesty. 

  • Once you’ve observed and have evidence of an academic integrity violation, inform the student and meet with them to describe the situation. Give the student a chance to respond to the situation. 
  • Submit the Incident Report. Faculty decide on sanctions. The student will be sent a letter through the Academic Integrity Office describing the incident. 
  • An email will be sent to the student by the Academic Integrity Office explaining the incident as you described and the sanction. 
  • The student may accept the sanction of the faculty or appeal to the department head. Sanctions such as the failure of the course or XF can be recommended but cannot be instituted until the appeal process is complete. Students have the right to continue attending class and completing assignments until the appeal process has run its course. 
  • Once a student appeals, they take the responsibility to contact and meet with the department head. An email will be sent to you notifying you of the appeal to the department head.   
  • The Academic Integrity Office will provide the materials to the Department Head and the Academic Integrity Council panel for review. 
  • The Department head completes the Decision form, and you and the student will receive that letter via email.  
  • To recommend a grade of “XF,” the instructor must send a memo stating the intention to assign an “XF” grade to the AIC Chair, and the Office of the Provost with a copy to the Department Head. A memo must also be sent if the instructor wishes to assign an “F” grade to a student who dropped the class before the no-penalty deadline. The Office of the Provost will then notify the Records Office. A grade of “XF” cannot be assigned via the online grade submission process. 

 For the policy and for more information regarding further appeals, contact the Academic Integrity Office.