Academic Integrity

The Office of Academic Integrity educates, encourages, and empowers lifelong ethical leaders. We provide resources to members of the student body to raise awareness of ethical standards and to help them gain the skills they need to make informed, ethical choices at Missouri State and beyond.

We offer educational workshops and guest lectures to help prevent Academic Integrity Policy violations and act as a resource and support system for students and faculty should a violation occur.

College students are the most inspired people in the world. Even if you doubt yourself, you're here because you believe that a college education will improve your world. It can only do that if you do it right. If you pretend someone else's work is your own, or lie, it doesn't help you. It can hurt your education, which will hurt your career and your entire future. And it can do the same thing to other students that are working along side you for their own dreams.

Parents, teachers, coaches, and friends may think that they're doing you a favor by giving you too much help, but they may not understand the consequences of their actions. But you do. Give credit to the people you are learning from, and you will be learning. Do your own work, and receive advice and constructive criticism that you can use to grow. Never turn in anything that is not entirely made of your own effort, and when you eventually succeed, the success will be YOURS.

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