Dr. Kimberly Swanson Church



Role: Faculty
Campus: Springfield

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Missouri State University
901 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65897


Dr. Kimberly Swanson Church joined Missouri State University as the Director for the School of Accountancy in fall 2020. Kimberly is a professor in accounting with an emphasis in information systems and emerging technologies. She has two decades of entrepreneurial and higher education experiences, including more than ten years in academic leadership roles within the American Accounting Association (AIS, Management & Teaching sections), the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA Evolution BAR Taskforce Co-Chair & APBP initiative trainer) and the Institute of Management Accountants (local board member & CAR taskforce). She is also the recipient of the national “2020 IMA Faculty Leadership” & “2019 IMA Champion” awards for her dedication to leadership and service within the accounting profession.

Dr. Church works actively with a variety of professional organizations and serves as a frequent invited speaker on topics related to professional development and technology disruptions to the accounting profession. Kimberly is a national award-winning educator for her many classroom innovations using experiential learning techniques that best reflect real-world application of accounting concepts. Her teaching and research interests include information systems, management accounting and disruptive technology implications for theory and practice. She has published many academic and practitioner articles, won several best paper awards and her articles have appeared in Accounting Horizons, Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting, Journal of Accounting Education, BizEd and Strategic Finance.



  • PhD, Accounting Information Systems, 2010, University of Arkansas
  • MSA, Tax Track and Accounting Information Systems, 2002, Kansas State University
  • BBA, Accounting, 1998, Pittsburg State University


Recent teaching

  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Advanced Accounting Information Systems
  • IT Audit
  • Cost Accounting
  • Graduate Managerial Accounting

See curriculum vitae for full list.

Professional experience

  • Director, School of Accountancy. Missouri State University. 2020
  • MAcc Director, Missouri State University. 2020
  • Senior Trainer, Accounting Program for Building the Profession. (Advanced Placement Accounting Pilot Program). American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. 2013 - present
  • Assistant Professor of Accounting Information Systems, University of Missouri-Kansas City. 2013 – 2020.
  • Visiting Intersession Professor of Data Analytics, University of Montevideo. Montevideo, Uruguay. May 2019.
  • Assistant Professor, University of North Texas. 2011–2012
  • Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK. 2007–2011
  • Owner/Operator, Swanson Farms Gamebird Hunts, LLC. 1995-2018

See curriculum vitae for full list.

Research and professional interests

Select publications

  • Church, K.S., E. Kinory and S.S. Smith. (2020). “Accounting Implications of Blockchain - A Hyperledger Composer Use Case for Intangible Assets.” Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting.
  • Schmidt, P.J., J. Riley and K.S. Church. (2020). “Investigating Accountants' Resistance to Move beyond Excel and Adopt New Data Analytics Technology.” Accounting Horizons.
  • Church, K.S., P.J. Schmidt and K. Ajayi. (2020). “Mostly Cloudy- Opportunity for Fair or Foul Weather: Cloud Computing Insights and Issues.” Journal of Information Systems. 34 (2): 23–46. 
  • Tapis, G., K.S. Church and Z.T. Webb. (2020). “Preparing for the Hybridization of the Accounting Profession: A CISA Boot Camp Case Study.” AIS Educators’ Journal. 15(1).
  • Kinory, E., S.S. Smith and K.S. Church. (2020). “Exploring the Playground: Blockchain Prototype Use Cases with Hyperledger Composer.” Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting. 17(1), 77-88.
  • Schmidt P.J., K.S. Church, and Riley, J. (2020). “Clinging to a Warm Blanket: Investigating Accountants' Resistance to Emerging Data Analytics Technology.” Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting. 17(1), 33-40.
  • IMA Applied Research Track Grant Recipient 2018
    Riley, J., P.J. Schmidt and K.S. Church. (2020). “From My Cold, Dead Hands: Will We Ever Give Up Our Beloved Excel?” Management Accounting Research Quarterly. Winter, 21(1), 1-9.
  • Butler, M.G., K.S. Church and A.W. Spencer. (2019). “Do, Reflect, Think Apply: Experiential Education in Accounting.” Journal of Accounting Education. September 2, 12-21.
  • Church, K.S., P.J. Schmidt, and G. Smedley. (2016). “Casey’s Collections: A Strategic Decision Making Case Using the Systems Development Lifecycle–Phase 1 Planning and Phase 2 Analysis.” Journal of Emerging Technology in Accounting. 13(2), 231-245.
  • Church, K., and R.E. Smith*. (2008). “REA Ontology-Based Simulation Models for Enterprise Strategic Planning.” Journal of Information Systems. 22(2), 303-331.
  • Church, K.*, and R.E. Smith. (2007). “An Extension of the REA Framework to Support Balanced Scorecard Information Requirements.” Journal of Information Systems. 21(1), 1-25.

See curriculum vitae for full list.

Awards and honors

Select awards

  • Best Education Paper. AAA-AIS Midyear Meeting. 2020
  • AICPA George Krull/Grant Thornton Innovation in Junior and Senior-Level Teaching Award. AAA. 2019.
  • Best Faculty Research Paper. AAA-SET Section Research Workshop. 2019
  • Jim Bulloch Award for Innovations in Management Accounting Education. AAA-IMA.2018
  • Mark Chain/FSA Innovation in Graduate Teaching Award Recipient. AAA. 2017
  • Bea Sanders/AICPA Innovation in Teaching Award Honorable Mention. AAA.2016
  • Best Education Paper. AAA-TLC Section Award the Midwest Region Meeting. 2016

See curriculum vitae for full list.

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