Psychology Advisement Questions

Are you considering a major or minor in psychology? Have you already declared?

Contact Brittany Wise in the MCHHS Student Success and Advisement Center for advisement.

Having an advisor is the best way to plan and schedule your psychology course work. They can help you meet program and university requirements for graduation.

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Class is closed (full): What do I do?

The psychology programs administration will NOT be granting overrides into full courses. You are encouraged to monitor the course in case a seat becomes available (e.g., someone drops the course).

Fall 2022 reserved classes

*Before building your schedule, please review the below list of reserved classes, because you might be unable to register for a course on this list.

*If you do not meet the qualification for a reserved course, you cannot register for that course (e.g. you are a sophomore trying to enroll in a class for freshman only).

*Reserved courses with remaining seats will be opened to all students who meet the prerequisites on Thursday, August 18th.  


*For example, if a section of PSY 306 that was reserved for online only students still has 5 seats open on August 13, the psychology programs will allow any students (both traditional and online only) to take those 5 seats.


*Please DO NOT contact your advisor, MCHHS Advisement Center, or the psychology programs administration to request permission to enroll in a reserved course. The psychology programs administration is NOT granting overrides into reserved courses, so your request will be denied.

Classes reserved for psychology majors

You must be a declared psychology major to be eligible to register for the following courses:

  • PSY 200-008 (Psychology Stat Methods)

  • PSY 302-B (lecture), 892 (lab), 893 (lab), 894 (lab), 895 (lab) (Experimental Psychology) 
  • PSY 360-300 (Educational Psychology with Service Learning)
  • PSY 411-005 (Psychology of Diversity)
  • PSY 422-001 (Memory and Cognition)

Classes reserved for online-only psychology majors

You must be a declared, online-only psychology major to be eligible to register for the following courses: 

  • PSY 200-899 (Psychology Stat Methods)
  • PSY 302-D (lecture), 896 (lab), 897 (lab), 898 (lab), 899 (lab) (Experimental Psychology)
  • PSY 304-898 (Abnormal Psychology) 
  • PSY 306-898 (Learning Processes) 
  • PSY 307-896 (Human Sexuality) 
  • PSY 411-899 (Psychology of Diversity with Service Learning)
  • PSY 525-899 (Motivation and Emotions)

Classes reserved for Education Majors

  • PSY 360-899 (Educational Psychology)