Forensic Child Psychology Graduate Certificate Program

Forensic worker talking to child in office setting.

Protecting a child’s memory

This certificate, one of the first of its kind, can help you be there for kids when it matters most.

Protect the integrity and reliability of child interviews in criminal or legal cases.

Know the mental effects that abuse and crime can have on kids who are victims or witnesses.

Why earn a graduate certificate in forensic child psychology?

Student working at her computer.

Advance your career

Are you a current (or aspiring) professional who works with kids in the legal system? This certificate is built for you. Get the training and knowledge you need to further your career.

Betty & Bobby Allison Child Advocacy Center.

Aid the community

Your work can have a direct impact. Our program receives strong community support. You’ll have practicum opportunities at agencies in the Springfield area – such as the Child Advocacy Center and Greene County justice system.

Student taking notes in class.

Learn from the best

Your faculty have professional insight. They give you first-hand insight into working with kids in forensic settings and protecting their memories.

Two individuals looking over a case in a court room.

Apply your training to other areas

This certificate can boost your career if you work outside of the legal system. Bring fresh knowledge to your career in criminology, social work, medicine and other related fields.