Are you fascinated with how people think, act and change over time?

Our accredited degrees take you inside the human mind.

Discover how you can help and understand others. Preview your future as you conduct meaningful research.

Undergraduate programs

A bachelor’s degree (major) is the first step toward your career.

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Students testing for skin conductance levels in psychology lab.
Explore why people do what they do. Study human behavior, thoughts and emotions. Available 100% online.

Graduate programs

Stand out in your field with a graduate degree.

For something quicker, try a certificate.

Psychology student smiling in a campus building.
Earn your PsyD and become a Health Service Psychologist.
Psychology student and professor examining research data on a computer.
Become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Improve people’s life quality by changing how they interact with others.
Clinical demonstration with high school student.
Understand human behavior and actions at an advanced level. Focus on a track option that aligns with your career goals.

Option areas

Forensic worker talking to child in office setting.
Protect children’s memories amid criminal events.
Student examining patient photos and a graph.
Use data to improve your research techniques.

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Testing student for learning disabilities.
For Missouri State students with a learning disability. Have your disability evaluated or access help for your educational needs.

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