Careers and Outcomes

Careers and Outcomes

A unique combination of skills

A degree in religious studies offers you training in direct observation, critical thinking, effective communication and cross-cultural understanding. Such skills are in high demand in all professional fields.

In today’s multicultural workplace and global economy, basic knowledge about other cultures and religious perspectives is indispensable. In addition, good interpreters of information are in high demand. Studying religion is also about people and their many perspectives. Your background in this type of study will benefit you in jobs that require relating to others.

Graduate education

If you decide to continue your education in a graduate program, your career options will increase, as well as your earning potential. To aid in this transition, you should produce solid undergraduate work and secure faculty recommendations to help you move on to the next step.

World religions lived in Missouri 

To learn more about our program's research and scholarship, explore a multimedia project by alumna Julie Wrocklage. 


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