Program Requirements

Degree requirements (minimum of 30 hours)

  1. Core Requirements - 15 hours
    Code Course Title Credit Hours
    REL 685* Theories of Religion 3 hrs
    REL 711 Seminar in Religions of Asia 3 hrs
    REL 731 Seminar: Biblical Studies 3 hrs
    REL 751 Seminar in Religions of Europe and the Middle East 3 hrs
    REL 771 Seminar: Religion and Culture 3 hrs
    *Students who have completed REL 580 Theories of Religion must substitute REL 685 with an additional 600- or 700-level course (3 hours) approved by the Graduate Program Director
  2. Electives - 15 hours.  All students must complete two additional seminars (6 hrs), distributed across two of four options:  REL 711, 731, 751, 771.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Additional Additional Electives:   All students must complete additional elective hours selected from 600- and 700-level courses to total 30 hours.  At least six of the electives hours must be in the Religious Studies department.  For students writing a thesis, up to six of the elective hours may be in REL 799, Thesis - the first 3 hours typically taken in the third semester of study after the student has completed at least 12 hours of course work and the second 3 hours taken the following semester to complete the thesis. 
  3. Advisory committee. Initially each student will be advised by the Graduate Program Director. As soon as possible, the student will select a faculty member to chair a graduate advisory committee consisting of at least three persons. This committee will supervise the remainder of the candidate's graduate program.
  4. Program of study. The candidate's program will be structured by the Advisory Committee in consultation with the student.
  5. Comprehensive examination. The written and oral comprehensive examination will be administered by the student's Advisory Committee upon the completion of at least 12 hours of course work, normally at the beginning of the third semester.  This examination must be passed before the student begins writing a thesis or creating a research portfolio.
  6. Research.  In addition to completing their course work, students must complete either a thesis or a research portfolio in a manner acceptable to the student's Advisory Committee.  The thesis or research portfolio constitutes the student's research component and will be defended orally before the student's Advisory Committee.