Degree Works (Degree Audit and Student Educational Planner)

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Degree Works is a degree audit and planning software that replaced the previous degree audit system (DARS).  In Fall 2015, Missouri State University went live with Degree Works Phase 1 (Degree Audit). In Fall 2016, Degree Works Phase 2 (Student Educational Planner-SEP) went live. For students, the degree audit and student planner are found on the My Graduation Path channel of the Student tab or the My Student Records channel of the Registration tab on My Missouri State. For faculty and staff, the degree audit and student planner are found on the Student Information channel of the Teaching and Advising tab on My Missouri State.

Highlights and features found in the Degree Works degree audit

  • All degree-seeking students have degree audits, including graduate students.
  • Users have the ability to view the originating institution and course prefix/number for accepted transfer work directly in the degree audit.
  • The student information block displays more information such as holds and advisor assignment.
  • The degree audit contains web links that take users to web sites for additional content. Examples include the University Exit Examination website and the University hold explanation page.
  • The Course Link feature allows users to see the prerequisite, description, sections and course times offered, and seat counts for needed courses, which updates in real time.
  • Authorized officials (deans/department heads/additional faculty or staff designated by the department) within an academic departments have the ability to self-enter course substitutions, waivers, and approvals directly to the student’s degree audit.
  • The ability to display an unlimited number of majors and/or minors on the degree audit both in the regular audit and what-if degree audit.
  • The audit has more color and is easier to read.
  • Honors College students are able to track their progression towards the completion of their Honors requirements.

Highlights and features found in the Degree Works student educational planner (SEP)

  • Ability for students or advisors to create an electronic academic plan which can be viewed by both the advisor and student. Electronic access to the plan in the same web location as the degree audit.
  • A calendar view for easy understanding of the academic plan
  • Planner notes where advisors can communicate additional information or special instruction about the course selection and/or grade needed in the course
  • A side-by-side degree audit/student planner view where the plan can be validated against the degree audit to have visual confirmation of how courses in the plan will apply to the degree audit
  • "On-track/off-track" tracking for advisors, administrators, and students to easily see if the student in on-track with his or her academic plan. This is managed by the advisor being able to indicate which courses are critical to the plan progress.

Degree Works: What's Coming Next

  • We are currently working on an upgrade for Degree Works 5.0.3, which is the first substantial change to the appearance of the degree audit since our initial implementation. This is a transition to a more accessible and mobile-friendly format. Testing of this version began April 2020 with plans for it to go-live in late September/early October 2020.

  • We are currently working on developing reporting capability for departments including the ability to report out various GPAs (such as major GPA), run degree percentage completion reports, run course demand reports from the SEP, and track whether their students are "on-track" with their SEP. The implementation timeline for reporting is unknown at this time.

  • A future phase (Phase 3) of Degree Works to be introduced will be the Transfer Equivalency Self-Service (DWTE). This gives prospective students the ability to obtain an unofficial "what-if" degree audit when considering their transfer of courses to Missouri State University. This works by the student self-reporting the courses, credit hours, and grades earned from other institutions, the information being compared to the University's Transfer Equivalency Guide, and applying the evaluation information to a degree audit. The implementation timeline for phase 3 of Degree Works is unknown at this time.