Frequently asked questions

How do I know my graduation application was received?

You will receive an email confirmation at your Missouri State email address. You can also review what you submitted on the "Graduation Application and Status Review" page in My Missouri State, Student tab, My Graduation Path channel.

How do I change the information I submitted on my Application to graduate?

Email the Office of the Registrar at Registrar@MissouriState.edu and provide your BearPass number and specific information that needs to be changed.

I have transfer work from another school that will fulfill my remaining graduation requirements. Do I need to do anything?

Yes, you need to inform the Office of the Registrar to expect transfer work to come in at the end of the semester. There is an information box at the bottom of the Application to Graduate where you can list specific classes that will be transferring. Assuming your transfer work will fulfill your remaining graduation requirements, you will receive an email informing you of the specific deadline when the official transcript of the coursework must be received and evaluated by the Admissions Office.

Does transfer work have to be here prior to the Commencement ceremony in order to be eligible to participate?

No, we do not require official transcripts or grade verification of the coursework prior to commencement day. However, you must request an official transcript be sent directly to the Missouri State Office of Admissions as soon as your transfer work has been graded.

Do I need to RSVP for Commencement?

No, name cards for all graduation candidates are prepared in advance by the Office of the Registrar. Students pick up their name card in Hammons Student Center on commencement day. If you are not present, your name will not be announced during the ceremony.

Will there be somewhere in Hammons Student Center to leave my personal items during the commencement ceremony?

No, do not bring personal items with you as there is no safe place to store them

How will my scholastic honors and or Honors College participation be recognized?

If you are eligible for scholastic honors, you may pick up an honors cordon in Hammons Student Center the day of commencement to wear in the ceremony. Additionally, Honors College graduates receive a blue stole to wear. Honors are included in the printed program and included in the announcement of your name during the ceremony.

Will my current grades be considered for scholastic honors at the commencement ceremony?

No, current grades are not due from faculty until the week after commencement. Final scholastic honors, based on your final GPA, are reflected on your diploma and final transcript. Email the Office of the Registrar at Registrar@MissouriState.edu if you wish to verify your eligibility for honors.

What is the deadline to apply and have my name in the commencement program?

Fall commencement program deadline is October 31st.

Spring commencement program deadline is March 31st.

What if I am completing my degree in the summer and want to participate in commencement?

Students completing degree in the summer have the option of participating in the commencement ceremony the spring preceding or fall following the semester of their graduation. Students will mark their choice on their application to graduate. These students will have their names included in the corresponding commencement program and have scholastic honors calculated based on the scholastic honors policy.

If I missed the deadline to have my name in the printed Commencement program can I still participate in the ceremony?

Yes, you may still participate in the ceremony and be recognized for scholastic honors if eligible.

May I borrow a cap and gown from a former graduate?

Yes, but only if it's the correct color and style. All undergraduates must now wear the new maroon cap and gown and maroon and white tassel. Graduate students wear black gowns and all-maroon tassels. View the photos on the Bookstore website for details.

If I’m not planning to participate in the commencement ceremony can I still get a diploma cover?

Yes, you may pick up a diploma cover in the Office of the Registrar in Carrington 320. Also, printed commencement programs can be picked up the week following commencement.

Will I receive my diploma at Commencement?

No, final grades are not yet due at the time of Commencement. A final review of each graduation candidate's eligibility is completed after final grades are received the week following commencement. Diplomas are typically printed four weeks after commencement.

If I haven't received my diploma within four weeks is something wrong?

It is likely that you have an unresolved graduation issue or a Hold that prevents your diploma and transcript from being released. You will receive an email approximately a week after commencement notifying you of any issues.

How does a former student who no longer has access to My Missouri State submit an Application for Graduate?

Student may print and submit a PDF version of the application.