Advising Student Profile

The Advising Student Profile is an additional resource for advisors and students. A student will access a similar Student Profile on the Student tab in the My Student Profile channel. 

This system offers:

  • A consolidated view of a student’s biographical and academic information including registered courses, current curriculum and hours and GPA
  • Modern, mobile-friendly technology
  • Ability to search by student ID, student’s email or student’s name
  • Ability to email student, advisor and instructors
  • Student photos
  • Advisee listing that can be exported to Excel

How to Use

  1. Select the Student Profile link in the Teaching and Advising tab in the Advisor Services channel.
  2. From the Advisee Search page, select the desired term from the drop down list.

Search by Student ID:

  1. The default search is by Student ID. Enter the BearPass Number in the box provided.
  2. Tab and allow the system to return the student’s name.
  3. Click View Profile button.

Search by Student Email:

  1. Select the Student Email radio button.
  2. Enter the student’s full email address.
  3. Tab and allow the system to return the student’s name.
  4. Select the View Profile button.

Search by Student Name:

  1. Select the Student Name radio button.
  2. Click on the box labeled ‘Searching term’ immediately below. A space will display where you can enter the name.
  3. Enter the student’s name in last name, first name format.
  4. Tab and allow the system to find the student. Depending on how much data you enter, you may get a list of names.
  5. Click on the desired student, then click View Profile button.


General Questions

Q: What is the Advisor Services channel (and particularly the Advising Student Profile) replacing?

A: Nothing is being removed from My Missouri State. You can access everything you could before and more. The channels have been divided into "Faculty Services”, “Advisor Services”, and “Faculty and Advisor Resources” in order to provide better organization of the web links used by each group. This is an additional resource for advisors and students.

Q: What is different between the student version and advisor version of the Advising Student Profile?

A: The links on the left navigation bar are different. Students are able to reach some of the basic student information menu features, while faculty and advising staff are able to reach a variety of useful advising resources.

Q: Where is the My Missouri State Advisee List? It's not in the student Information channel anymore.

A: It has been moved to the new Advisor Services channel. It has the same information has before, the link just moved to be grouped with other advisor resources

Q: My advisee list in My Missouri State is different than my advisee list in the Advising Student Profile? Which should I use?

A: The new advisee list in the Advisee Search does not contain many of the filtering capabilities that are included in the My Missouri State advisee list, so you are encourage to continue using the traditional list for standard usage. The Advising Student Profile > Advisee Listing version does contain student pictures should that feature be helpful to you.

Q: Most of the information in the Advising Student Profile does not appear different to me. What’s new about it?

A: The layout of information is new. Most of the information present was already accessible, but we hope the new format is user-friendly and mobile-friendly for students, and we want advisors to have a similar view in case students ask questions to advisors about the Student Profile.

Q: On the Advising Student Profile, I see “not provided” listed as the student’s campus. What does that mean?

A: It means the student does not have an alternate campus and is a Springfield campus student.

Q: I noticed an “Admit Term” in the Advising Student Profile. What does that mean (e.g. admitted to the university, admitted to degree program, etc)?

A: “Admit Term” refers to the student’s semester of admission (or readmission) to Missouri State.

Q: Are there differences in the information that students see versus advisors and faculty?

A: Yes, students will see slightly different biographical information than advisors. However, the most pertinent academic information is the same for all viewers.

Accessibility and Technical Questions

Q: What if I am a faculty member and not an advisor? Can I access it?

A: Faculty members may reach the Advising Student Profile through the Faculty Grade Entry portal by clicking on a student’s name in the grade roster. Faculty (without advisor roles) can see the Profile for students currently enrolled in one of their courses. Access for these students end when the student is no longer enrolled in the faculty member’s course.

Q: When I use the search by Student Name feature the system spins and doesn’t allow me to enter the name.

A: If you are using Internet Explorer you will have to remove from your Compatibility View Settings. In the browser, go to Tools > Compatibility View settings, select the website and click Remove. Close the box. You may have to log out and back into My Missouri State to see the update.

Q: The Home button or the bread crumbs across the top don’t do anything.

A: If you are using Internet Explorer, you may click the Show All Content button. This will allow come up when you first log in. Another way to navigate is to use the browser's back button.

Q: What are the supported browsers?

A: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10 and 11, Safari 7

Q: What are the requirements if I’m using a tablet?

A: iPad, iPad Mini, iOS 6.x, and iOS 7.x; Android OS 4.x; Microsoft Surface 1.0, RT and PRO