Degree Works Future Upgrades/Enhancements

  • We are currently working on developing reporting capability for departments including the ability to report out various GPAs (such as major GPA), run degree percentage completion reports, and to identify students above/below a defined degree audit completion percentage who do/do not have credit for a particular course. The implementation timeline for reporting is unknown at this time.

  • A future phase (Phase 3) of Degree Works to be introduced will be the Transfer Equivalency Self-Service (DWTE). This gives prospective students the ability to obtain an unofficial "what-if" degree audit when considering their transfer of courses to Missouri State University. This works by the student self-reporting the courses, credit hours, and grades earned from other institutions, the information being compared to the University's Transfer Equivalency Guide, and applying the evaluation information to a degree audit. The implementation timeline for phase 3 of Degree Works is unknown at this time.