Office of Education Abroad

Eligibility requirements

In order to participate in a semester or year-long approved Education Abroad opportunity, students must meet the following eligibility requirements: a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA at the time of application, 30 credit hours of university coursework completed at the time of application, enrollment as a full-time student on the Springfield campus the semester prior, and good judiciary standing with the university. Additional eligibility requirements may apply depending on the program.

In order to participate on a short-term faculty-directed program, participants must be in good judiciary standing and obtain approval from the faculty program director.

Receiving academic credit

Students participating in an approved Education Abroad opportunity, where coursework is completed at a host institution, are eligible to transfer credit back to Missouri State University. All transfer coursework must be approved by the appropriate academic department head(s), and will be evaluated as Pass/Not Pass grades only.

Students expecting to transfer coursework from a host institution will be enrolled in placeholder courses during the term they are abroad. Once the Office of Education Abroad receives the official transcript from the host institution, the Office of Admissions is notified and the transfer credit is awarded. Students who complete coursework abroad that is not approved by an academic department are eligible to receive general elective credit.

Short-term faculty-directed programs will be directly enrolled in corresponding Missouri State University courses during their time abroad.

Missouri State University coursework will transfer as letter grades.

Use of financial aid

Students participating in an approved Education Abroad opportunity are eligible to apply for all federal, state, and university financial aid, but participation in a program does not automatically increase financial aid eligibility. Most types of financial aid, however, can be applied to approved programs.



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