Self-Care Resources for Faculty

We would like to offer this collection of inspiring articles and self-care resources to help us balance self and work.

In addition to these resources, the university’s Employee Assistance Program provides free and confidential services to help you and your immediate family members with a wide range of problems and concerns.

Self-Care and Work-Balance Resources

Avoiding Burnout: Self-Care Strategies for Faculty.  Faculty Focus article written by faculty from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

It’s Your Job, Not Your Life. Advise on how to avoid over investment of your job by Kerry Ann Rockquemore from Inside Higher Ed.

Faculty Burnout. Robert Minter, Walsh College. Includes a “Burnout Cycle Inventory” and steps for a “Recovery Process.”

Professor Goldilocks and the Three Boundaries. Faculty Focus article by Amanda Wyrick on self-care and boundaries.

How to Listen Less. Reading on setting boundaries with students’ personal problems by Kerry Ann Rockquemore, Inside Higher Ed.

Radical Self-Care. Kerry Ann Rockquemore from Inside Higher Ed offers advice for faculty feeling exhausted by ‘racial battle fatigue’.

Self-Care for Teachers. This self-care checklist was developed by Anne Brunette, MSW and Family Therapist with Doll & Associates

Mindfulness for Teachers offers articles, videos, and an extensive list of mindfulness resources for teachers.

Articles on Teaching during times of Uncertainty

Hardships into Strengths: Advancing Learning During COVID-19. This Faculty Focus article outlines strategies faculty at Boise State University followed to be better prepared and remain flexible.

Experiencing COVID-19-Style Classroom Teaching. This Inside Higher Ed article shares one faculty member’s firsthand experiences and observations teaching an in-person class during COVID-19.

Hope Matters. Mays Imad offers 10 teaching strategies to support students and help them continue to learn during times of uncertainty.

Leveraging the Neuroscience of Now. Mays Imad explores seven ways faculty can help students to thrive during times of trauma.

What Does Trauma-Informed Teaching Look Like? Teaching newsletter from The Chronicle of Higher Education sharing advise and resources on how best to mitigate learning challenges brought on by stress.