Foundation Award for Service

Kim Roam

Kim Roam

School of Teaching Learning and Developmental Studies
College of Education

I. Philosophy of Service

As a product of hands-on coursework during my college years, I recognize the profound impact of practical, real-world experiences in fostering a comprehensive understanding of bridging developmental theories and course content. This personal journey has inspired my commitment to providing similar opportunities for students at Missouri State University. I view service as building strong relationships within the MSU community as well as with community partners. 

I not only support MSU students but also enhance my teaching through ongoing interactions with children and families from varied backgrounds. Through this comprehensive approach, I strive to empower students to become compassionate and culturally competent professionals, poised to make meaningful contributions to the field of child and family development.

II. Examples of service including service to University, discipline and community

Program level

  • I started a recruiting event called Working with Children and Families Day for Child and Family Development students, over the years we have included other programs within our college that bring High School students to campus in 2018, just this year the event brought in 250 students.
  • On two separate occasions I have filled the role of Interim Director for about 9 months each time during lapses in staffing while maintaining my teaching course load and other service responsibilities. I have consistently provided mentoring and support to full and part-time staff, stepping up to help cover child-staff ratios for licensing, cooking, grocery shopping, and cleaning the MSU Child Development Center since 2015. I now fill the position of Faculty Liaison receiving a stipend.
  • Since I was hired as faculty I have consistently attended and helped at recruitment and retention events during the academic year and summer.
  • I served 2 consecutive terms Citizenship and Service-Learning Committee as a College of Education representative.
  • As a former Faculty Advisor for the Advocating for Children and Families student group I created bylaws, provided support to the executive committee, attended monthly meetings and service events such as cooking dinner for the Ronald McDonald House guests, making newborn materials for Newborns in Need, as well as creating stress kits for children that were undergoing forensic interviews at the Child Advocacy Center.

University level

  • I have worked with the Bear POWER program since 2014 assisting with research, creating policies, assisting on the interview committee interviewing prospective students and their families as well as participating in the 1-2 Leadership Retreat which is the final part of the interview process. I have also been the Faculty Advisor for the Bear POWER Ambassadors, recruiting ambassadors, conducting training for them, attend monthly meetings and weekly social events supporting both the ambassadors and the students. I attended weekly staff meetings with the staff and Graduate Assistants providing updates on students in the program. I have created the social calendar for the past 3 years. I was also a Co-Interim Director for a year as we were filling a vacant director position. In this role, I provided general oversite to the program and interacted with families and community partners. I attend transition fairs in schools and communities educating others about Bear POWER and recruiting potential students for the program. I was able to assist a colleague in mentoring two undergraduate research assistants and publishing a journal article: Bear POWER and Beyond: Exploring Student, Educator, and Family Experiences of an Inclusive University Program.
  • I served a term on the Provost Academic Advising Committee providing oversight to the Office of the Registrar.
  • Annually I participate with Bear Crew welcoming students and their support people and helping them move into their residence halls, as well as House Calls where I walk with a Resident Assistant greeting and talking with residents about their experiences so far and offer support and resources.
  • I am a Faculty Partner with two Living Learning Communities Future Educators & First Year Bears. Providing support, welcoming them to campus, and attending social events with the residents.
  • I have been judging events, assisting with the various interviews, and providing community support for events for SGA & SAC for the past 4 years.
  • Through my work with Bear POWER I assisted a group of community members in the creation and implementation of the Bear Aware Program, which is a sexual violence prevention program. I also was able to be a part of the Bear BLAST (Bears Learning & Successful Transition) team providing support to local school districts and community members through a job and career fair hosted on campus.

Community level

  • Through my work with the Abou Ben Adhem Shriners and Thera Care I provide direct experience for students working with children and families from diverse populations and abilities since 2013. T
  • Partnering with the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association student group and the & Child Advocacy Center we were able to make 20 blankets for the children that they service.
  • I have consistently provided service in many forms to local public schools (Willard, Billings, Marionville, Springfield) by assisting with two project graduation events to keep graduating seniors safe on graduation night, work concession stands at sporting events, provide professional development to teachers, cook and serve meals to athletes before games, serve as a board member for Family & Consumer Science and Parents as Teachers Programs.
  • Through my work with OACAC Early Head Start and Head Start students can gain experience working with diverse children and families in childcare or through their family advocacy programs through practicums and internships.

III. Future Commitment to Service

At the University level, I plan to continue working with the MSU Child Development Center and the Bear POWER program, as well as other service opportunities. At the community level, I will continue to maintain current relationships and work to establish new partnerships for students. Maintaining and establishing new partnerships it helps me grow professionally, informs my teaching, and establishes meaningful relationships with students and community partners. 

IV. Topics related to service for which you are available for presentations and/or consultations

  • Service opportunities related to teaching
  • Child growth and development
  • Classroom management within a preschool setting
  • Family involvement