Emeritus Status

Appointment to Emeritus Faculty status is granted as a result of meritorious service to the University, including contributions in the areas of Teaching, Research, Service and leadership. To be eligible for the title, a faculty member must also satisfy the following requirements: (1) completion of at least ten years of full-time academic service to Missouri State University (some exceptional senior faculty may be recognized with fewer than ten years of service), and (2) retirement status or disability status at Missouri State University. Emeritus status is awarded through affirmative vote of the full-time faculty in the department in which the candidate holds appointment and by favorable administrative action. The candidate shall be informed in writing in a timely manner of non-approval at any stage of the review process. Emeritus faculty, who will be listed as such in the University Catalog, shall be entitled to all benefits provided to University retirees (Refer to Section 14.2) and, in addition, shall receive invitations to special events, an email account and a Presidents parking pass. Emeriti faculty are entitled to enroll in one course per semester and have their required student fees paid by the University. This educational fee waiver benefit may be assigned to eligible dependent children of the retiree or to the spouse of the retiree. When this benefit is assigned to an eligible dependent child, that child may receive up to 15 credit hours per academic year, the same benefit provided to active faculty employees' children.

Section 3.6.1 of the Faculty Handbook