Teacher Certification Areas and Missouri Content Assessments

Postbaccalaureate teacher certification may be obtained in the following areas. The corresponding Missouri Content Assessment(s) a.k.a. MoCA(s) are content area exams taken by all candidates who are pursuing a teaching certificate in Missouri in order to demonstrate competency. 

Area of certification Required MoCA test
Agriculture Grades 9-12

015 Agriculture

Biology Grades 9-12

016 Biology

Business Grades 9-12

017 Business

Chemistry Grades 9-12

018 Chemistry

Chinese Grades K-12

037 World Languages: Chinese-Mandarin

Early Childhood Education Birth-Grade 3 064 Early Childhood Education
Earth Science Grades 9-12

019 Earth Science

Elementary Education Grades 1 -6

Examinees must pass all of the following subtests:

007 Elementary Education: English Language Arts Subtest
008 Elementary Education: Mathematics Subtest
009 Elementary Education: Science Subtest
010 Elementary Education: Social Studies Subtest

English Grades 9-12

020 English

Family & Consumer Sciences Grades K-12

038 Family & Consumer Sciences

French Grades K-12 039 World Languages: French
German Grades K-12 040 World Languages: German
Latin Grades K-12 063 Professional Knowledge: Secondary
Mathematics Grades 9-12 023 Mathematics
Middle School Language Arts Grades 5-9 011 Middle School Education: Language Arts
Middle School Mathematics Grades 5-9 012 Middle School Education: Mathematics
Middle School Science Grades 5-9 013 Middle School Education: Science
Middle School Social Science Grades 5-9 014 Middle School Education: Social Science
Music Instrumental Grades K-12 043 Music: Instrumental & Vocal
Music Vocal/Choral Grades K-12 043 Music: Instrumental & Vocal
Physical Education Grades K-12 044 Physical Education
Physics Grades 9-12 024 Physics
Social Science Grades 9-12 071 Social Science
Spanish Grades K-12 045 World Languages: Spanish
Speech & Theater Grades 9-12 031 Speech & Theater