Job Order Information

Delivered quantities

Printing industry standards of long standing allow for 10% over or under the number ordered for the completed printing job. Printing Services has adopted the following standard:

  • Less than 500 copies - 5% over or under
  • 501 to 1500 copies - 3% over or under
  • Over 1500 copies - 2% over or under
  • Photocopy jobs will deliver quantity ordered

You will be billed only for the quantity you received if you receive less than ordered.

If you receive more than ordered, you will be billed for the amount ordered plus the percentage, shown above, for the amount ordered. If you require an exact count, please state this on your Job Order. We will guarantee the count, however, you may be charged for extra material used to guarantee the count.


Proofreading is a very important step in any printing job and is ultimately the customers responsibility. You can keep your cost down and reduce the time to complete your job by giving us your project already proofread and corrected.

Please note that Printing Services will not assume responsibility for proofreading and accuracy of the content of any copy.

Please be careful when you proofread. We will help all we can, however, the final responsibility for proofreading and producing accurate copy rests with you. Use red for marking proofs.


It is the customer's responsibility to read and approve all elements of the proof. Please proofread carefully! If it is wrong on the proof it will be wrong when it is printed. Customers will pay reprinting costs if they approve a proof and an error is not caught.

Turn-around time

Turn-around time is the time from when you bring your job to Printing Services until it is completed. The amount of time required to complete your job varies greatly depending on many factors.

It is possible to get a four page newsletter completed in 5-7 days one time and the next time it can take 8-10 days for the same job. The reason for this variance is basically the Printing Services workload at any given time and the complexity of your job. There are several other factors that can have an influence on the turn-around time which you can help control. The turn-around time can be shortened if you:

  • Give us a properly formatted digital file. Please include a folder that has all fonts, photos and artwork that is linked to your file.
  • Include with job a laser print out of file. If this project is in more than 1 color please include print outs of the separations and the composite file.
  • Allow sufficient time to produce your job. Get it to us as early as possible. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.
  • Changing the job requirements after it is started can add time to its completion.
  • Read and approve proofs promptly. Your order will be delayed by the length of time it is out of production on proof.
  • Don't insist on a rush job unless it truly is necessary and out of your control.

We will make every attempt to complete your order by the due date. If a special delivery date is requested it has to be approved by the Manager of Printing Services. When it is completed, we will deliver it as to your instructions on the job order form or notify the customer that it can be picked up.

We offer one day turn-around on quick copy orders that do not need bindery work and large quantity booklet orders. Offset jobs require more time than quick copy orders; ten days is normal. Please refer to the chart below for approximate time needed to process an offset job:

Average estimated work days


Job Task

Scheduled Newsletter

(2-8 pages)


(2 or 3 Panels each side)

Small Booklet

(16-24 pages)

Medium Size Book or Catalog


2-5 2-5 2-5 5-6
Press and Bindery 2-3 2-3 2-3 5-10


1-2* 1-2* 1-2* 1-3*
Total Work Days 5-10 5-10 5-10 11-21

*Depending on author

Special finishing work that requires outside vendors to complete will add production days to the schedule. Examples of this type of work are die cutting, embossing, foil stamping or perfect binding.

Standard reprint orders without changes may be processed in one to three days.

Rush orders

Rush orders should be the exception - not the rule. They are a major problem with any scheduled production operation. They disrupt the smooth, orderly flow of work. They delay other jobs (including your other jobs), which may be just as important.

Discuss your particular need with the Printing Services Manager; every effort to accommodate your due date will be made. If a rush order requires additional people, equipment or overtime, a charge for these services will be added.

Cost and time estimates

Cost and time estimates to complete your job are estimates only; actual cost is provided when billed. Costs are calculated by using the information you give the Printing Services Manager. The more complete your job specifications are the more accurate our estimate will be. Samples of like or similar pieces, mock ups or drawings with dimensions on them all assist in getting an accurate estimate.

Both cost and time estimates can change during production for several reasons. When not anticipated in the original estimate, customer changes can alter cost and/or time estimates. Problems in production change time estimates and when these are customer related, they increase cost.

You can help insure the original estimates are reliable by providing complete job information and by not making changes after production has started.


Printing job costs are encumbered against the account number shown on your Job Order form. Printing jobs are normally billed monthly after the job has been completed. Billings may take longer if part of the job was done by an outside vendor. Contact the Administrative Specialist or Printing Services Manager if questions or problems exist concerning charges on your job.

Permission for off campus printing or copying

Printing Services will determine if your print or copy project can be completed in-house or whether an off-campus vendor should be utilized. Printing Services will review your job request to see if part or your entire project needs to be done off-campus. If your department has been authorized to use an off-campus vendor, a Verification of Request for Off-Campus Printing email needs to be sent to the Printing Services Manager for approval. An estimate should be submitted in your email.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Printing Services Manager at 417-837-2322.

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