Recycled Paper Compliance Policy

Op12.05-2 Recycled Paper Compliance Policy


Missouri State University Printing Services only utilizes environmentally certified papers and supports recycling programs. Our suppliers work closely with organizations which manage certification systems for the trees which are harvested for the fabrication of our paper products. The intent is to eliminate habitat destruction, water pollution, displacement of indigenous peoples, and violence against people and wildlife that often accompanies logging. In addition, they work with loggers, foresters, environmentalist and sociologists to guide forest management toward sustainable outcomes. The certification logos on our paper cartons and wrappers assure us that the pulp in every sheet of paper purchased or provided by Missouri State University Printing Services comes from responsibly managed forests.The University will comply with Sections 34.031 and 34.032, RSMo 1991, which establish guidelines for all State agencies regarding purchases of recycled products.


To implement compliance guidelines for the use of recycled materials, including letterhead stationery, envelopes, and business cards, that will be compatible with all University office and printing equipment.


  1. General Paper Use
    • All printing and writing grade papers, and envelopes shall be made with recycled materials (Goal: 50% recycled).
    • Electronic mail use is encouraged, whenever possible. 

      External Correspondence (Off-Campus) 
    • Recyclable 24 lb. bond paper with University watermark. 
    • Applicable to all departments. 

      Internal Correspondence (On-Campus) 
    • Recyclable 20 lb. bond paper.
    • Applicable to all departments.
  2. Letterhead Design
    • External Correspondence (Off-Campus)
    • Standard stationery design for all departments
    • Letterhead design will consist of the Carrington/Athletic Department logo, centered at the top.
    • No embossed letterhead except for the President.
    • No individual names except for the President.
    • No thermography (raised printing). 

      Internal Correspondence (On-Campus)
    • University letterhead designed for external use will not be used for internal correspondence.
    • Printing Services will publish the standard letterhead design centered at the top.
    • Alternative letterhead designs for a Campus Memo include blank, or departmentally designed using word processing software.
  3. Envelopes 
    External Correspondence (Off-Campus)
    • Recyclable 24 lb. bond paper
    • Standard design for all departments.
    • Envelope design will consist of the Carrington/Athletic Department logo printed in the upper left corner with the respective department's title -- No individual names will be printed.
    • Window envelopes will either be open type or contain a clear poly window.
    • Internal Correspondence (On-Campus).
    • Recyclable 20 lb. bond paper.
    • Internal correspondence, properly addressed, may be sent without an envelope.
    • Use of the existing brown campus mail envelope is preferred.
    • Window envelope may be used in lieu of campus mail envelope.
    • Properly addressed plain envelopes may be used in campus mail for sensitive/confidential correspondence.
  4. Business Card Layout & Design
    • Maximum lines will be limited to eight.
    • Name line will be 9 pt., one size larger than the body copy.
    • All names and titles must fit on first two lines.
    • Fax, phone, internet address, and pager information can be selected per individual choice, but must fit on bottom two lines.
    • Business card will contain Carrington/Athletic Department logo and will be printed on recycled cover stock.
  5. Inventory Stocks
    • Departments will exhaust current stocks of printed materials until inventory is depleted.
    • Missouri State Bookstore will order and stock only prescribed paper/envelopes.
    • Printing Services will adhere to these guidelines on all University printing requests.
  6. Exceptions to policies prescribed herein must be approved
    by the Administrative Council