Outgoing Mail

  • Outgoing mail, whether metered in the mail room or affixed with stamps, is picked up by the USPS daily around 3:30 p.m. This includes Express, Registered, Insured, Certified, and Priority Mail. All First Class mail to be presorted is picked up by the Missouri State contract agent, Ozark Mailing, daily around 4:30 p.m.
  • Departments must prepare mail with a complete address. Additionally, all domestic mail must have a proper ZIP Code. Contact Postal Services if you do not know a ZIP Code, or go to www.usps.com and look up zip codes under the Quick Tools tab in the Look Up a Zip Code icon.
  • All foreign mail must indicate the country of destination, in English, as the last line in the address. Any international packages weighing over one pound must have a customs form filled out and signed by the sender. Packages requiring a customs form, which are received by Postal Services without the form, will be returned to the sender prior to processing.
  • All mail to be processed by the U.S. Postal Service or private courier must have a return address or it will be returned to the sending department/individual. Any mail to be charged to a University budget must have a Missouri State University return address. Mail items not containing a return address may be opened to determine the sending department/individual. Plain envelopes must have a departmental name below the University's return address. Exceptions need to be cleared through Postal Services.
  • Any official University Mail expected to have U.S. postage computed and affixed by Postal Services should have the bar-coded FOAP (budget number) in the lower left hand corner of the envelope. If the envelope does not contain the barcode, then it must have the FOAP (budget number) to be charged placed in the upper right hand corner of the envelope. Mark only the top envelope for multiple pieces to be charged to the same FOAP (budget number) and bundle these pieces with rubber bands in order to keep them together. Please avoid using post-it notes or scrap paper; write directly on the mail piece.
  • Do not apply stamps to university mail. Postal Services will utilize the centralized metering service to affix the correct postage amount on all official University Mail based on the appropriate mail classification. Exceptions need to be cleared through Postal Services.
  • Departments may purchase stamps for emergency mailings which occur after 4:00 p.m. and weekends.
  • Departments must notify postal services via email of all large mailings containing greater than 1,000 pieces, and all bulk mailings, not less than one week before it is to be mailed. Email is to be directed to postalservices@missouristate.edu. This will guarantee adequate postage and personnel are on hand to process the mailing. During extremely busy periods, it may take up to 3 days to process a large mailing, however, we will make every attempt to modify the schedule to expedite your request.
  • An authorization form must accompany all outgoing bulk mailings consisting of 200 or more pieces. The form should have the bulk mail box marked as the rate to be charged. Any mailings not marked will be sent as First Class. If a department requires a piece count and/or cost for a certain mailing, please indicate on the authorization form.
  • Departments must sort and separately bundle mail for pickup by Postal Services in the following categories. Bundles must be 4 inches or less.
    1. Campus mail
    2. International mail
    3. First class letters by size
    4. Post cards
    5. Large envelopes greater than 6"x9"
  • Envelopes must be properly faced, nested (flap over flap), and bundled, or the mailing will be returned to the department for proper preparation. NOTE - All clasp envelopes, envelopes with flaps on the short end, and envelopes over 1/4 inch in thickness must be sealed before being brought to the mail room due to the machine's inability to seal these envelopes efficiently. Clasp envelopes require extra postage. To avoid this, please seal the envelope without using the clasp and tape over the clasp.
  • Any class of mail received after 3:00 p.m. may not be processed until the next work day.
  • Any permit imprint pieces that are to be mailed as First Class must have a white label covering the permit imprint.
  • Outgoing mail ready after Postal Services has already picked up the mail from your location can still be mailed, if taken to the Contract Station by 2:30 p.m., or left in the appropriate slot in Carrington Hall by 2:45 p.m. Please bundle according to bundling instructions above.