Campus Mail

Op12.04-1 Campus Mail

  • Campus mail will be accepted only from current and emeritus Missouri State employees and students, and from bona fide University organization and student organizations. Campus mail service may not be used for personal purposes; for solicitation, except as permitted by the University's Advertising, Distribution, and Solicitation Policy; or to advocate, support, or oppose any ballot measure or candidate for public office. Use of campus mail must be in accord with University policy and applicable law.
  • Campus mail is limited to current University business. For example, the United Way and campus blood drives are considered current University business. Because collegiality is an important University goal, communications such as cards or notes of thanks, sympathy, congratulations, or holiday greetings between individual members of the faculty, staff, and administration are considered current University business.
  • Campus mail preferably should be placed inside campus mail distribution, window, or plain envelopes. Items submitted without campus mail envelopes should contain the words "Campus Mail" in the upper, right corner. Campus mail envelopes may be requested from Postal Services. If there are none available, departments can purchase new envelopes from an office supply store. While Missouri State Postal Services will not routinely open campus mail to inspect contents, they do reserve the right to inspect the contents. All campus mail should be addressed as follows:
    • Department, Name of person NOTE: Do not use building and room number because campus mail is sorted by department. Please forward misdirected mail to the correct department or return to Postal Services.
  • Human Resources will provide timely written notification of the name of any new employee to Postal Services to prevent delay in his/her mail delivery.
  • Departments are responsible for notifying Postal Services of any change of address of a department or a section of a department by emailing
  • With few exceptions, campus mail will be delivered during the next scheduled delivery following its receipt in Postal Services.
  • Campus mail will not be accepted from private, commercial, or electoral political organizations.
  • It is the campus organization's responsibility to ensure all internal campus mailings from that organization are current business of that organization. The sending organization is solely responsible for ensuring the content of their campus mailings complies with the University's policies and U.S. Postal laws and guidelines. Violations may result in the loss of campus mail privileges.
  • Vendors occupying the student union or other on-campus facility must submit campus mail items through the Director of Plaster Student Union for review and distribution.
  • Appeals can be made to the Manager of Printing and Postal Services by emailing