Missouri State University Operating Budget Priorities

Priority 1 - Increase MSU's operating appropriation

Last year, the General Assembly increased operating appropriations for public universities by 5.4%. This helped cover cost increases such as utilities, technology and employee compensation and benefits.

Missouri State University greatly appreciates this investment. MSU has reallocated more than $25 million in expenses and eliminated more than 100 positions over the past five years. Without this increase, MSU would have had to make further cuts and reduce services to students to fund mandatory cost increases.

Inflation was 7% in 2021. It is tracking even higher in 2022.

High inflation will result in above-normal increases in costs for labor, vendor contracts and facility maintenance. The university will also need to budget for $3.9 million in additional MOSERS costs. Moreover, MSU, like all employers, faces a challenging labor market with significant wage pressures.

These cost increases are set against a backdrop of public universities’ long-standing funding challenges.

Missouri State University requests an increase in its operating appropriation for FY2024 to help cover cost increases exacerbated by the high rate of inflation.

Source: Research.CollegeBoard.org/Trends/College-Pricing

Priority 2 - A $2 million appropriation of one-time MoExcels funds to establish a construction education and training hub

Missouri State University proposes to establish a Construction Education and Training Hub

Workforce challenges abound throughout the construction industry.

Missouri State University proposes to establish a Construction Education and Training Hub to address these challenges.

The project includes an addition to and renovation of existing space in Kemper Hall.

The hub will consist of additional classroom and lab space. It will be designed to create an environment where students can gain hands-on exposure to, and experience with, construction equipment and tools.

The hub will provide the space needed to increase the number of students earning a degree in construction management by more than 50% (from 51 graduates last year to approximately 80 per year by 2027).

The hub will also allow Missouri State to incorporate Associate Constructor professional certification into its curriculum, resulting in the certification of approximately 20 students per year by 2027.

Finally, the hub will provide space for training people in the region who are already employed in the construction trades.

The total project cost for the hub is $4,260,000. MSU respectfully requests a one-time appropriation through the MoExcels program of $2,000,000 to partially fund this project.

Source: MSU Legislative Network