CPR Policy and Information

All nursing students must maintain CPR certification.

Requirements for Basic Life Support

Pass the American Heart Association course for Basic Life Support (BLS), which includes:

  • Adult, child and infant CPR
  • Mouth-to-mask ventilation
  • AED training

The BLS course is only appropriate for those working in the health care field.

When you pass the course, you’ll receive a BLS completion card. It’s valid for two years.

On-campus appointments

On-campus appointments will cover skills testing only.

You must complete the online BLS course before you register for hands-on skills testing in the School of Nursing.

You’re also required to complete the course whether you’re re-certifying or new to CPR.

If you’re new to CPR, you’ll spend 30 minutes in practice and 60 minutes in hands-on testing.

Follow these steps

  1. Complete the online BLS course. The course has a $32.50 fee paid to America Heart Association (AHA). When you pass the test, print the certificate, which is valid for 60 days. Bring this certificate to your hands-on skills testing.
  2. Contact the School of Nursing to schedule a face-to-face, hands-on practice session with a BLS instructor. Apply the skills learned in the online course, ask questions and receive instruction before your skills testing. You cannot complete a practice session online.
    • First-time CPR certification: You must complete the 30-minute practice session before the hands-on skills testing.
    • Re-certifying CPR: You don’t need a practice session before hands-on skills testing.
  3. Complete your hands-on skills testing. If you pass the testing, you’ll receive a CPR card via email.
    • Note: The skills testing has a non-refundable fee of $35, BLS card fee is an additional $6.  Pay online now. You need to pay the fee before you can register for testing.
  4. Upload a copy of your CPR card to your Validity account. We do not automatically receive this information.

Skill certification 

Hands-on skills checks are in 40-minute increments for re-certification and 60-minutes for new certifications.  If you have a question or need more information, contact our Skills Lab Coordinator.