Program Requirements

Nursing major

Once you start the program, you must stay enrolled in nursing courses and progress through the program with your cohort.

A minor is not required.


Academic requirements

If a student fails to meet the academic requirements listed above, he or she will be placed on either academic or clinical probation in the nursing program or be dismissed. Failure to meet the probationary restrictions could result in removal from the program.

Academic probation: requires a student to maintain a “B-” or higher in the next nine hours of nursing or supporting courses.

Clinical probation: requires a “pass” grade in all nursing clinical courses.

Additional requirements

The nursing program has the following additional requirements related to successful completion of the program:

  • Students must maintain heath insurance throughout the nursing program. For more information about the student health and accident insurance policy available through the University, visit the student health insurance page
  • The School of Nursing utlizes a comprehensive software program (ATI) to monitor student success and engagement.  Individual student performance across the program and engagement outside of class is tracked.  This software supports the School of Nursing and helps assure compliance with all accreditation requirements.  This software program replaced muliple textbooks and additional individual software programs.  It also provides each student with a comprehensive national exam review course during their final semester, identifying any areas that require additional study before attempting the nursing license examination.  Students accepted into the nursing program are charged for their access during their first and second semesters and will have access for all four semesters in the program. Students who withdraw or drop from the nursing program are required to notify the undergraduate program director and undergraduate administrative assistant to prevent the charge to their account.  Failure to notify the above-designated individuals in the School of Nursing will result in the student being financially liable for any charges that occur for this program.
  • To become a registered nurse, after graduation a student must pass the NCLEX-RN exam and fulfill all state requirements for licensure. For further information, the School of Nursing recommends that a student contact the state board of nursing for the state in which the student plans to seek employment.