Choral Conducting

The graduate choral conducting program at Missouri State University empowers students to discover and refine the techniques and knowledge necessary to be an effective leader at the podium. Led by Dr. Cameron LaBarr, students learn in one-on-one environments enhanced by group discussions of musical and personal leadership.

Topics covered in the choral conducting program include:

  • Advanced conducting techniques
  • Repertoire selection and programming
  • Score study and preparation
  • Rehearsal preparation and execution
  • Principles of leadership
  • Psychology of rehearsal

Graduate choral conducting students will gain experience working in front of a variety of ensembles at Missouri State University. These experiences will range from leading sectional rehearsals to teaching repertoire from first read through as well as performing at concerts throughout the year.

Choral ensembles include:

  • Women’s Chorus
  • Men’s Chorus
  • Chorale
  • Choral Union
  • Grand Chorus

The graduate choral conducting program is designed to prepare students for conducting careers in various contexts particularly educational, professional, community and church settings immediately following graduation. This program will also prepare students for doctoral study.

Electives are flexible and allow for a customized experience for each student.

Applications for the graduate choral conducting program are due Dec. 1 and must include a video recording (face to the camera) of both rehearsal and performance. Three letters of recommendation are also required. Graduate Assistantships and competitive stipends are available.

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