Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate

Author Barry Cobb leads a group of students a tour of an industrial supply facility.

Navigate inventory logistics

Gain a business perspective on the coordination of goods and services from production to distribution.

Expand your insight on efficient strategies to transport products and satisfy customers.

An MSU student smiles as he tours an industrial supply facility.

Why get a certificate in supply chain management?

  • Build a valuable skill-set - Expand your perspectives in the dynamic world of business. Gain a competitive edge with specialized knowledge that suits your goals.
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals - Be led by knowledgable faculty and advisors. Enjoy beneficial networking opportunities and gain experience alongside your peers.
  • Join a highly employable profession - Want to be a logistician? Your certification will boost your credentials in this growing career field.


Boxes moving along assembly lines in a factory
Careers and outcomes
Maintain the flow of marketing and business processes as a logistics analyst, production coordinator, fleet manager and more.

Apply online

Apply to this certificate program through a central application: GradCAS. Review the sections above before you begin.