MFAA acting classroom

Learn what it takes to design courses for the Academy and to be a faculty member.

To apply, read the following information regarding faculty responsibilities and time commitments, then complete the online application by January 31, 2023.

Faculty Positions

Full-time faculty:

  • Receive $3,000.00 salary
  • Are provided accommodations on the Missouri State University campus, if requested
  • Are provided meals at a Missouri State University dining hall and at catered events on campus
  • Participate in mandatory faculty workshops and activities. Please do not submit an application if you are unable to participate for the duration of the Academy or faculty orientation.
  • Submit course materials in an established curricular format that may be published
  • Supervise, coordinate, and/or attend predetermined evening and extracurricular activities during the Academy
  • Attend daily assemblies during the Academy
  • Participate in faculty meetings during the Academy

Faculty Schedule

  • All full-time faculty members will have an average of five hours of instructional and/or academic student supervisory time each curricular day/evening. Full-time faculty members must be willing to accept a variety of curricular assignments for which they are qualified, depending upon the needs of the student population.
  • All full-time faculty members will be responsible for supervising, coordinating and/or attending a variety of evening and extracurricular activities, many occurring on non-curricular days. These duties will be divided among full-time faculty members on an equitable basis, and direction for supervising and coordinating such activities will be provided in advance.

Academy Schedule

Each student at the Missouri Fine Arts Academy will be enrolled in the following classes:

  • An interdisciplinary course. (Please review online course descriptions.)
    Two-hour sessions, 9 class meetings
    • Facilitated by two or more faculty members from different artistic disciplines (i.e., a dancer and a visual artist)
    • Composed of a student group that includes artists from various disciplines who stay together throughout the duration of the class
    • Revolves around a broad theme that embraces all of the following disciplines: music, visual arts, theatre, dance, and creative writing
    • Provides all students with active participation experiences in each of the above disciplines
    • Allows students to shape, in great measure, the course experience
    • Includes a concept-based interdisciplinary presentation that encompasses student participation in all the fine arts areas
    • Culminates in a discussion session that includes evaluation of the presentations themselves, group processes, and student learning
  • An applied class in his or her primary discipline. (Artistic disciplines represented at the Academy are vocal and instrumental music, theatre, dance, visual arts, and creative writing.)
    90-minute sessions, 9 class meetings
    • May be private lessons, ensembles, and/or classes in each student’s specific artistic discipline (i.e., private vocal or instrumental lessons; ceramics, sculpture or graphic design classes; string ensembles; acting or dance technique classes)
  • Two elective classes.
    90-minute sessions, 4 class meetings.
    • Examples include jazz improvisation, body conditioning for the performer, stage makeup, papermaking, intro. to stage combat, music theory, found-object sculpture, etc.

Evening and extracurricular activities include showings, works in progress, art gallery visits, social events, workshops, community service experiences, etc.



Please enter the best phone number to reach you.
Please provide an email address that you regularly monitor.
List most recent professional training first.
List educational organizations or societies of which you are a member. Note leadership positions.
List total number of years of teaching experience:
List three relevant work experiences other than teaching, most recent first:
Beginning with the most recent, briefly describe your most meaningful volunteer work, including student activities you may have sponsored or supervised:
Please supply the name, address and phone number for three people who have firsthand knowledge about your training, experience and other qualifications for the position you are seeking. The selection committee may contact these individuals.
PLEASE NOTE: As a faculty member, you participate throughout the academy schedule. There are three main areas — IDS, discipline-specific, and electives. Faculty are required to create/teach a discipline-specific course and to collaborate in an IDS course plus electives. Learn more.
Please check all areas in which you are qualified to teach an applied course, small ensemble, or private lesson:
Area Qualifications*
If you checked "Instrumental Music" and/or "Mixed Media/Visual Arts" (above), please list instruments and specialities:
Submit a brief description for a discipline-specific course in an art area in which you have expertise. In one or two paragraphs, submit a description for a discipline-specific course in an art area in which you have expertise. Course proposals that address advanced concepts and techniques and/or incorporate substantially different content material than covered in traditional high school courses are encouraged. Consider these parameters as you design the course: Nine class meetings lasting 90 minutes every other curricular day.
In one or two paragraphs, submit a description for an interdisciplinary course in which you want to participate. Learn more.
Please submit a biography written in third person of no more than 250 words for possible use in promotional MFAA literature.