Required Forms

The following are the required forms and documentation for students selected for the Missouri Fine Arts Academy.

Student Handbook

Download and read the MFAA Student Handbook. Please read these documents carefully with your parent/guardian before you come to the Academy; it contains much of the information you need to make your preparations for MFAA, and helps you understand your opportunities and responsibilities as a member of the MFAA community.

Download Student Handbook

Terms of Agreement

Your Terms of Agreement is the form that states that you are accepting your spot at the Missouri Fine Arts Academy and committed to attend the entire Academy. After reading the student handbook, please download and read the terms of agreement, sign, and return to MFAA as instructed on the document.

Download Terms of Agreement

Medical Emergency

Your Medical Emergency form is required to be on file in the MFAA office in order for you to attend the program. This form provides us with vital information to ensure your success while at the Academy. Please fill out the form completely and accurately.

Download Medical Emergency form

T-Shirt Order

Be sure to complete the t-shirt order form. All MFAA students will be given a t-shirt on the first day of the Academy. These run true to size.

Submit t-shirt order

Pre-arranged Departure

Download, complete, and bring signed MFAA Pre-arranged Departure form to registration. The form is necessary only for departures from campus for religious services or other approved absences with non-Academy persons. Students attending local Presbyterian, Baptist and Catholic churches with MFAA staff need not fill out this form.

Download Pre-arranged Departure Form