Advance Findings of Campus Climate Study

Building on the principal findings of the Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Diversity and Equity Campus Climate Survey, Missouri State will work to raise the participation in – and positive responses to – annual polls, especially in the undergraduate student population where only 9% participated in the first year.

Survey breakdown

The 2,723 who responded to the survey make up:

  • 9% of the undergraduate student population.
  • 18% of the graduate student population.
  • 40% of the faculty population.
  • 37% of staff/administrators population.

Source: 2019 Climate Survey - Springfield campus

Missouri State values

Missouri State values inclusiveness, fairness, equity and social justice; the recognition that each person possesses not just one, but multiple identities; and the celebration of the similarities, as well as the differences, of our diverse campus.

Source: Missouri State University Mission, Vision and Values

Weaving IE through the fabric of campus

Members of the campus community will feel a sense of belonging, support and value at Missouri State. Faculty, staff and students will strengthen their awareness of cultural consciousness and civility through day-to-day interactions and intentional measures that cultivate:

  • A deepened understanding of self-awareness.
  • An appreciation of how other people make meaning of the world.
  • Mindfulness and the ability to be present in opportunities to learn and understand.
  • The capacity to embrace and celebrate differences.

Students will gain knowledge and a broadened sense of responsibility from a foundation of core values infused into general education courses. Graduates will be engaged citizens in their community and beyond. And employers will benefit from an adept workforce that recognizes the value of the inclusion of diversity and their obligation to be ethical leaders and culturally conscious members of society.