Inclusivity Principles

  1. We are committed to carrying out our public affairs mission which calls on us to develop successful students who excel academically and within the three pillars of ethical leadership, cultural competence and community engagement.

  2. We believe in and support inclusive excellence. This includes creating welcoming environments within our university and the communities we serve.

  3. We value diversity because people from all backgrounds should feel valued, respected and empowered.

  4. We define diversity broadly to include people of all races and ethnicities, religions, ages, sexes, genders, sexual orientations, disabilities, and socioeconomic and veteran statuses.  

  5. We recognize and support a student's unique background as an important influence on the teaching and learning process, as all students should have equal opportunities for success. We strive to eliminate attainment gaps.

  6. We work to attract, retain and ensure the success of all students, faculty and staff.

  7. We believe in and support our faculty’s freedom to deliver curriculum based on their academic disciplines.

  8. We create and support policies and practices of inclusive excellence and cultural competence.

  9. We provide equal opportunities for everyone and actively respond to complaints of bias or discrimination.