Pre-Tax Benefit Conditions

The pre-tax parking benefit is being provided with the following conditions:

  • This benefit applies only to full-time faculty and staff.
  • Due to the implementation provisions necessary to accommodate this service, all full-time faculty and staff purchasing an Missouri State University parking permit are required to have the monthly cost deducted from their payroll. Faculty and staff parking on non-Missouri State University lots are not eligible for this benefit and, thus, are not affected.
  • The monthly deduction will be pre-tax, which includes Federal, state, FICA and Medicare.
  • Parking permits for full-time faculty and staff will no longer be posted to the University’s Accounts Receivable system.
  • Web-based registration will be required annually to receive a new or renewed parking permit. If ordered online , your parking permit will be mailed to the address you specify on your online registration form. You may register online at a computer within the Transit Operations Center if you desire, or any computer that is attached to a printer. If you are unable to order online, permits may be obtained in person at the Parking Administration office within the Transit Operations Center located at 700 E. Elm during normal operating hours (8:00-4:30, M-F). 
  • Your pre-tax parking registration will remain in full force and effect until you surrender your parking permit due to resignation, termination, retirement, conversion to another type of University parking permit or until you request to rescind your parking privileges on campus.
  • Once you have registered for and received a parking permit and the pre-tax payroll deduction has begun, you may stop the payroll deduction anytime you wish by contacting the Parking Administration office. When requesting the payroll deduction to end, you will be required to relinquish your parking permit at that time. Once your parking permit has been relinquished, you will be ineligible to obtain another University parking permit for 12 months.
  • Registration for a University parking permit will be required each year to obtain your new parking permit. However, payroll deductions will continue until you have rescinded your parking privileges on campus and have requested that the deductions end.
  • Monthly, one-twelfth of the total permit cost will be deducted from your payroll on a pre-tax basis. These deductions will continue until the employee surrenders the current year’s permit upon termination of employment or notifies Parking Administration of their decision to no longer purchase a Missouri State University parking permit.
  • Permit dates begin August 1 and expire on July 31.